dealing with controlling parents

dealing with controlling parents

How to deal with difficult/elderly parents

Everyone have arguments with their parents at some stage and what you need to analyse has substantially bigger impacts than what you’ll be able to see on TV.

But while you and your parents want what’s best for your future, you might not always agree on what the best thing is. You might feel like they’re pushing you to do something that they don’t trust you to look after yourself, or you will not enjoy.

This is a stressful time for everyone, but strive to not letting emotions affect your judgement. If you are having problems with your parents, take a seat and talk about things without shouting. They are considerably more likely to listen if you’re not being immature and reasonable, and you will need to listen to their own worries and be ready to make compromises also. But the thing that is most important is that you’ve given serious thought into the way the selections you make now will change your future, thus do some real research into what you wish to accomplish.

Your parents want you to study different course???

If your parents need you to study something like medicine or law, but you would like to study a humanities or arts degree for instance, maybe it’s because they are worried about what you’ll do after you leave university. This does not mean that analyzing them is a waste of time, while it is true that occupations in the arts and humanities frequently do not pay as other professions. Degrees in any area teach transferable skills including communicating and research that could be used in many occupations, and dedication and time-management abilities valued by any company are demonstrated by completing a degree.

Research different occupation areas your degree could lead you into, to make your claim.

You have also got a considerably better opportunity of getting higher scores examining something you love. Point out that your finest levels are in areas similar to what you assure them that you will carry on placing in the effort to succeed at university, and would like to study.

Your parents do / don’t want you to go to college/university???

Your parents might have already cleared a space on the mantelpiece for your graduation photo, but you have decided that university simply isn’t for you. The thing that is important would be to demonstrate that you aren’t merely refusing to go because you don’t want any more essays and exams, so show that you have thought about the options.

On the other hand, you might actually need to go to university but your parents aren’t so positive. If your parents are focused on debt and tuition fees, read You Can Manage to Go to University and the guide for parents, which explains how pupil finance works of the Independent Taskforce on Student Finance. It is also possible to use the Pupil Calculator in order to assemble a budget and to work out financial support.

In other cases, your parents might believe that university is a waste of time and money. If that is true, point out that university is a long-term investment in your future, and that university graduates earn on average than individuals without degrees.

Your parents wants you to stay at your home???

Although it might appear that all they do is pester you about the washing-up, your parents do like having you near. May be you are distressed to move away to study, but they want you to be at home. Or maybe they are more worried about your safety?

Attempt to find out exactly why your parents need. You talk to them about it calmly. Try and take them to university open days where they are able to find lodging and ask university staff questions to set their minds at rest, if security is their main concern.

You should also have them understand that you have thought about matters like registering with a doctor and budgeting your money – and that you are responsible enough not to spend every night out partying! Promise that you will call probably least once a week and plan routine visits home too. This might not sound overly amazing now, but it’s always great to have a recognizable voice to speak to, and it is likely that you’ll start looking forward to your visits dwelling – to get an adequate meal after weeks of beans on toast if nothing else!

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