In the high tech digital world of today, parents are often left anxious and confused when it comes to protecting their offspring from all the threats lurking in the dark. While there are many intense benefits of using the cyber world to one’s own advantage, at the same time there are many adverse issues related to it as well. If one is not careful, and innocent children are often the obvious targets, there can be many unpleasant notions associated with the digital world. However, we have carefully identified problems with their solutions for parents.

Technical Problem Solution

Problem number 1: Cyberbullying

Unlike schoolyard bullying, cyber bullying can manage to take up many different forms. From spreading hateful messages, to adversely targeting your child in public via multimedia, there is no end to cyber bullying. Parents are often left concerned as to how to deal with the intense emotional drama that comes with cyber bullying. This emotional drama may seem easy on the outside, but it can have a strong emotional toll on your kid’s upbringing and social well-being.



The best way to monitor for any such instances is to control your kid’s gadgets. Today every child is linked via social media and is openly using some form of gadgetry to remain in touch with their peers and friends. While physically monitoring their gadgets could be difficult, using a monitoring application pre-installed on their phone could bring a lot of advantages. A monitoring application will help keep track of their social media usage, their messaging and call logs. Once your kids’ devices are linked via a monitoring application, you will get proper lists of who they correspond with and about what. This way you can keep track of any instances that that could possibly be related to cyberbullying and, therefore, report to the concerned authorities as well.

Problem number 2: Pornography

Adult websites contain very harsh material which could adversely affect your child’s sexual growth. Kids are very inquisitive creatures and therefore, parents are always afraid that they may just happen upon adult websites that would leave them scarred for life. Research has shown that kids, who are exposed to adult content or pornography from a very early age, tend to have many problems in their later sexual lives. However, now there is a solution for this as well.


Monitoring applications are not just made to monitor who your kids correspond with and about what, in fact, they come with many intricate functions that most parents will find very helpful when bringing up their kids in today’s virtual world. One of the benefits of installing monitoring applications is that you can use different keywords to block specific sites from opening on the gadgets that your children use. Along with keywords, they can also block complete websites. If in case a website ever does open up, as the owner of the monitoring application, you will get a notification regarding it which could, in turn, become the basis of a long overdue conversation you can have with your children about the adverse effects of pornography.

Problem number 3: Sexual predators

Sex Offenders

How can you be sure that the person your kid is in constant contact with is not who they claim to be? This is where the concept of pedophiles and other sexual predators comes into play. These criminals are there to feed on your kids’ insecurities and lure them into doing things like sending sexual photos, personal information which they would not do otherwise. Such criminals are hard to report as they can be anyone and can be anywhere. However, as parents, we always try to know about the people our children are in contact with but with the increased use of digital networks this has become increasingly difficult today.


With the help of monitoring applications, you don’t have to worry about who your kid is talking to. You can easily tap into their social media sites and closely monitor from afar who they talk to and what they are discussing. Today, monitoring applications also give you access to intricately twisted chat rooms where predators are usually lurking around to target innocent children. As a parent, you will be able to come across some obvious hints which will help you identify these predators.


Every day different digital problems keep cropping up. However, monitoring applications offer a substantial and solid solution to a wide array of these problems. Understanding your needs and then identifying a particular application to cater for your needs is one of the difficult tasks, however, with the growing number of monitoring software in the market today, you also have the option of doing a test run with many of them hence saving you a lot of money as well.

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