Indian Hospitality SectorIndia is a country well known all over the world as the land of hospitality and it is the land for emerging trends in the Indian hospitality sector. In the last ten years, the standard of services and facilities in the Indian hotel industry has evolved significantly. Another thing evolved is a large number of visitors from emerging countries such as Russia, Brazil and China visiting India. Let’s look at some of the main reasons that have made India to be the land of emerging opportunities in the hospitality sector.

Better Services

Most of these customers are happy with the services since they are checked in as soon as they have booked. Since these individuals are highly educated, they voice their opinions on social media and on the good services being offered hence lead to more new tourists visiting the country. Due to the large number of visitors from these new emerging countries, India has made sure to diversify its culture and offer services that cater for these new clients.


The social media and particularly the internet have also boosted the hospitality sector in India. Potential visitors are able to look at reviews on the internet about services being offered in different hotels before they make a decision on their bookings. The free WIFI being offered in most of these hotels has played a significant role in attracting more visitors.

The Growing Cities

The emergence of new cities in India such as Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad has also led to the growth of the hospitality sector in India. The domestic and international chains in India have also benefited due to the 100 percent allowance of Foreign Direct Investment. More to this, the real estate has also benefited a lot since they have taken the advantage of the growing hospitality sector to sell their unsold properties.

Human Resource

 The large number of manpower from the various hotel management institutes in India has also been a major boost to the industry. These institutes are offering more courses on hospitality leading to hundreds of qualified graduates each year

Better GDP

The improved GDP in the country has made more people to invest in the Indian hospitality sector. According to the Foreign District Investment, in the next few years Indian hospitality sector is expected to be the fasted growing sector in the world. The strength of the Indian economy has played a significant role to the increase in the number of international visitors in India.

Entry of Foreign Investors

The hotel industry in India has also reported a large number of foreign investors and international brands. Big international hotels such as Hilton, Hyatt, Starwood and Marriott have already had established branches in India. This has created more job opportunities in the hotel industry, especially to the hundreds of people graduating from various hotel management institutes.

The government of India has come up with major program meant to ensure visitors from these new emerging nations are able to get Indian Visas easily and in the shortest time possible. The recent transformation in the Indian hotel industry has made the country to gain a good level of acceptance all over the world. There is no doubt that in the next few years India will become a leading giant in the hospitality sector.

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