just stop the plan of suicide

just stop the plan of suicide

Measure # 1: Guarantee to not do such a thing right now

Despite the fact that you are in lots of discomfort right now, give yourself some space between action and ideas. Make a promise to your-self: “I am going to wait Twenty Four hours and will not do something radical during that period.” Or, wait weekly.

Activities and ideas are two things that are different –your ideas that are suicidal don’t have to become re. There is isn’t a deadline, no one is driving you to act-on these ideas instantly. Be patient. Wait and set some space between your suicidal thoughts and suicidal activity.


Measure # 2: Do not keep these emotions to yourself

Many people have discovered that the initial step to dealing with emotions and suicidal ideas would be to discuss them with somebody. It can be a household physician, a pal, a psychologist, an online friend, an associate of the clergy (pandits/bishops/qazis), a teacher, a mentor, or a seasoned counsel at the end-of a help-line. Find somebody & narrate your story. Do not allow humiliation, or anxiety, shame stop you from seeking aid. Simply chatting about the way you got to such stage in your lifetime allow you to find a way-out and may release most of the stress that is gathering.


Measure # 3: Make your house safe

Eliminate stuff you might use to damage yourself, like tablets, blades, razors, or small arms. Visit an area where you are able to feel secure, should you be not able to achieve this. Provide your medications (one which u might consider taking an overdose to die) to someone who may return the correct quantity of them for you when u need them.


Measure# 4: Prevent booze and drugs

Strictly avoid drugs or alcohol during such strong depression. It falsely motivates u to do such lethal activities.


Measure # 5: Try to dig hope out of yourself

Also those who feel as poorly as you feel now find a way to endure these emotions. Just feel the hoe. Only allow yourself to move on.

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