tips for writing effective slogan

Spiced with a good name and an attractive logo, the slogan can be the “icing on the cake” for a brand. To “cook”, “tasty” slogans, Inc. recommends the following ingredients:

1. Give the slogan rhythm, rhyme, and sound

A team of more than one-word slogan must meet at least two of the following three criteria: it must have rhythm, rhyme, and sound. Slogans should always be pleasing to the ear. The rhythmic sound fluent and slogans are much more recognizable and memorable than those without these characteristics. Moreover, their effectiveness improves if the slogan was added music. Several studies show that the words presented in a song are remembered significantly better than words without any musical dressing.

2. The slogan should emphasize a key benefit of the brand

The purpose of a slogan must distinguish one brand from its competitors, underscoring what makes it unique. If the brand or product is advertised offer any advantage over its direct competitors, this advantage must somehow be present in the slogan. Slogans are the first impression for many potential consumers, so it is essential that they reflect the values of the brand.

3. Explain the brand engagement with consumers

Sometimes, manufacturers do not offer products truly “unique”. However, their slogans should emphasize its difference with the competition. And a good way to differentiate from direct competitors is to explain the special dedication of the company to its customers. The slogans that focus on customer service of the company, especially those that guarantee quality and consumer satisfaction, work particularly well with the general public.

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4. A commitment to honesty

When writing a slogan, it is extremely easy to get carried away and lose sight of the “reality.” The exaggerations are totally prohibited in advertising slogans. Use phrases such as “the number one …” or “the best in …” are not only false but also extremely generic. Instead of betting on the hyperbole, you have to sell the benefits of the brand in a realistic way.

5. What good if brief, twice good

The slogans should never be more than one sentence. A good tagline should be between 6 and eight words. If it is longer, it will be easily forgotten, unless rhymes and music accompany it. The brevity of a slogan is in his ability to remember, it’s the end of the day the ultimate goal of any advertising slogan.


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