Poor After Sale Service of Flipkart

Flipkart.. The very first choice of every Indian when it comes to buying stuff online.. Isn’t it?

With a luring range of offers and an amazingly wide variety of products, it has certainly made its special place in the world of e-commerce.


There’s one thing which any merchant should not ignore and that is –

“Keeping the promises made to the customer as per the stated offers and imparting a good customer service.”

I am sure all of you would be agreeing to this since this is the potential requirement upon which the trust of every customer is based.

However, unfortunately, Flipkart did everything except this Major point.

I, Ashish Singla, am here to tell you about Flipkart fraud so that you can prevent yourself and your friends or relatives being caught in this type of scamming.

 I, myself, am a victim of a fraud done by Flipkart! I was cheated by the site.

Yes, I was cheated by this site. And that’s what persuaded me to come up to my readers and let them know everything so as to protect you all from such fraud.

Actually, I placed an order of mobile phone (Redmi 3S Prime (Gold, 32 GB)) on 14-dec-2016  for one of my company employee with order ID: OD307858231308726000.

Subsequently, after that, I placed another order of mobile phone (Lenovo Vibe K5 Note (Gold, 32 GB)) on 18-dec-2016 for my friend with order ID: OD107892110666150000.

After few days I received the packet from FedEx courier boy for Redmi 3S mobile phone and it was packed properly. When I opened the packet, I was astonished to see that the seal of the mobile box was already opened and the mobile was missing.

Immediately I lodged a complaint with Flipkart and asked for a replacement.
After two days I received another cell phone that is Lenovo Vibe K5 Note, again by FedEx. This time I decided to make a video so that If the same thing occurs, I will have a proof.
But to my surprise, this was empty as well!!

You can see in the video-

I submitted the complaint to the Flipkart for this order as well.

This hoax didn’t end her. When I logged another complaint I received a pre-written reply saying they will look into the matter and further many conversations held between us.
However, yesterday I received a final reply from their side that Flipkart is not responsible for it and they have closed the issue without any resolution.

The reply of Flipkart was that we have a high amount of return request from your account that’s why your request is being declined.

I ask all of my readers, even if in the past I made some return requests, was it giving any benefit to me? It’s simply because I was dissatisfied with the quality of the product. And this time, there was no product at all.

If Flipkart doesn’t support users who make return requests then why do they boldly say that they have 15-day return/replacement policy?? They should actually say that “Items once sold won’t be returned or replaced”… isn’t it?

And they didn’t stop here, after that, Flipkart disabled my Flipkart account by which I placed the orders.

Instead of looking deeply into the matter that why a customer is returning a product, again and again, Flipkart is holding the customer responsible for it. What kind of an attitude is this?

I am getting an empty box again & again.. Is this my mistake?? Like.. Really???

They took my money, didn’ t bother to give the products I paid for, and didn’t even look into the matter so as to look for the checkpoint where actually the mobiles were stolen.

This is a scam really not worth forgiving! Beware guys!

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