The new Fast and Furious 7

Many have waited for the new Furious 7 to finally come on screen, but for more reasons than to just watch it. The new movie has been filmed so that it includes more cars, more action and a whole new way of dealing with the action scenes. It will keep your suspense levels high, and when you learn that most car chases and crashes have been done without using any rendering, you will learn to appreciate this movie on a whole new level.


The secret of car stunts

To become a stuntman, and to be able to do most of the work they do, first you must learn about the brief history of just how stunts work. Certainly, it will require good physical shape and an ability to endure some pain; but the end results are very well worth it. And as you will see in the next chapter of the Fast and Furious saga, real stunts are amazing, but hard to pull off. Furthermore, by avoiding to use computer assisted stunts, the sensation will become that much enjoyable for the viewers.


Taking stunts to the next level

Although it is already enthralling to watch our beloved heroes jump out of tall buildings while burning rubber, and cranking up the car’s audio to the fullest will take the whole experience to the next level. Not only will it look amazing, but it will sound extraordinary as well; and it will make the whole scene seem that much more incredible. However, because these will be real stunts performed by live people, it is very critical that everything is timed right, otherwise it will be really hard to pull off the same stunt twice.


CGI takes the fun out of it

Although it is always the easiest route to take, but CGI has made an impact on the movie making industry; no matter how good the graphics are though, they can never come close to the real thing. However, if it is a question of a life-threatening situation, it is of course wiser to choose CGI scenes over peril. Nevertheless, perhaps the golden middle line is to combine the two methods to create absolutely stunning and amazing scenes which will leave the stuntmen breathless, but it will leave the audience suspended in anticipation of what is going to happen next.


Real vs fake

We all know that movies are going to have fake elements in them, but it is only so that it could look real; because it is not always possible to have real stunts. Although, using real stuns and stuntmen means that the movie can get a new dimension and that it will be certainly more enjoyable, as well as terrifying at the same. All things considered, with the new Furious 7 movie, we can expect to see, and hear, amazing stunts and feats by the crew which will leaves us nothing short of breathless; though, remember not to try and replicate the stunts seen.

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