Google Offered great concept for Small Indian Businesses to start. Google Apps (used for emailing and more) price is decreased by almost 50%. This step by Google is very helpful for users and Google too. Users can use Google Apps for fast and flexible emailing and Google increase their sales for sure.

Indians are people who buy after analyze the price and about 1% of Small Businesses have mainly in India. This step for dropping the price is very good by Google.

Earlier, price was $5 for 1 Month and $50 for year and Now, its $3 per month and $30 if pay for 1 Year. Indian will surely buy for $30 – Annually, that is 1500 INR for Indians and price is very genuine for it for Indians.


Price drop for Google apps is a nice decision from Google and attract many of small online and offline businesses.

Google Apps was very good services in last years too and now its more amazing for the Indian users. Free of SPAM, fast emails, fast decisions, Archives and lots of benefits.

Before few years, Google Apps was free but as increasing use of this services, Google set the price for Google Apps. This services is very helpful for offline small and big business and online specially.

I Personally using Google Apps for my business and enjoying from last few years and lots of benefits.

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  1. Good News for those who are looking for Google Apps, i just searched googleapps east delhi and i found first result, offering google apps in Re.1/Day


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