Google Hangout is a must-add for every business now. You will not only create your own account on Hangout but also urge all your employees to have their accounts there. The mighty Hangout is bustling with several features and facilities that help to make business communication smoother and easier. A Google Hangout account enables you to chat both in the group and individually, make voice and video calls and also allows webcasting. The post below sheds light on the importance of Google Hangout for your business.

Makes your brand easily accessible

Google Hangout allows you to stay connected to your clients or leads easily. Your presence on Hangout will make your business easily accessible for your customers. And it can leverage the credibility quotient of your brand big time. For example, say, your customer is in some trouble with your product at an odd hour. Now, if you are online on Google Hangout, the customer can easily reach out to you over chat or phone call anytime- even when your physical outlet is closed.

You can even hold monthly or weekly Q& A sessions with your customers on Google Hangout chats. The live chat facility will allow them to talk freely about their impression about your brand. And, customers prefer those brands who make it easier for them to give feedback.

For announcements

Do you know famous singer Taylor Swift announced her latest album officially on the Hangout? Yes, even celebs are taking Hangout seriously for brand management. It only means Hangout would be great for your business. Following Swift’s footsteps, you can also take to Hangout to make important announcements on behalf of your business. Hangout is popular worldwide. So, your announcement on Hangout will be able to take the message to your customers around the globe easily.

One of the best features of Google Hangout is video calling. Thanks to the feature, you will be able to make calls to your clients and employees settled far from your office location. In fact, if your business is into international transactions, the video calling feature of Google Hangout will be really handy. This way, you won’t leave your base every now and then to interact with your employees or clients settled outside.


You may record some of the important Google Hangout video call conversations for future reference. For example, say you crack a major deal with your leading client over Hangout. You may wish to record it as a proof or to show it to other people in your office. But, how to record a Google Hangout? Well, the good thing is today you will get live video recording programs that will enable you to record live video calls on Hangout as well. A good option here is Movavi Screen Recorder. Movavi is a globally reputed software developer and its screen recording program is a state of the art recording tool with user-friendly interface. Besides, the software allows automatic recording, editing, and even video conversion.


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