Because we prioritize other health concerns, we may easily overlook our oral health. Also, admit it—you may be have let that irrational fear of dental visits from childhood go unresolved. And here you are, a dad of three, strong husband, smart engineer, and a muscular surfer constantly catching huge waves, but the thought of a dentist examining your mouth scares you to death.

Okay, we can’t blame you. You’re not alone. There are thousands of other people out there—children and adults alike who dread dental procedures and even simple dental checkups. The result? Cavities, teeth stains, and worse, tooth decay. They could have easily saved those pearly whites through routine dental exams and professional cleanings. But they didn’t include oral health care to self-care must-haves.

It’s about time you give your family’s teeth and gums some love. Doing so doesn’t only make your physical appearance look good and boost your self-confidence. Having a good set of teeth has a positive impact on your speech, too. You will have a healthy appetite for your meals and you will enjoy your food more. It will also be beneficial to your overall health because you can avoid the complications that may result from tooth decay and gum disease. Read more about the benefits of oral health here.

Now, let’s talk about choosing the best professional dentists who would take care of your family’s oral health.

Know the Different Areas of Practice of Dental Specialists

There isn’t just one kind of dentist. Just like doctors, dentists have various specific areas they specialize in, too. For example, a periodontist specializes on treating gum issues to keep your gums healthy all the time. An orthodontist who is also known as alignment specialist is responsible for correcting misaligned teeth and jaws.

You should do your own research on these various dentistry fields. Check this useful article about that, too:

But why so? Well, it’s as simple as knowing where to go and who to contact for specific teeth and gum issues that you and your family might be experiencing or might experience later on.

It’s good to prepare beforehand and decide who is the best professional dentist to take care of your needs so that you don’t have to make rush decisions when you experience oral problems. Besides, it’s good to establish rapport between your family and your family dentist as soon as possible so that you know exactly who you can entrust your family’s oral care needs.

The Services they Offer

The Services they Offer

If you can find a one-stop full-service dental clinic such as John Powers DMD, you’d surely find it very convenient for the entire family. All your family’s dental records will be kept in one place. You’ll drive altogether to the same clinic. You can establish a good relationship with the group of dentists that take care of the whole family’s oral health care needs. Indeed, it makes oral health care that easy. 

Years of Experience, Education, and Trainings

Sure, dentists won’t become dentists if they didn’t receive a Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry and if they didn’t pass the board exam and certifications required for their profession. But the years of experience and additional trainings they’ve attended can make a huge difference. A dentist who has been around in the profession for more than a decade has surely resolved various oral health problems, some of which are possibly unique cases.

And how has he managed to stay that long in the profession? Most likely, he has established a group of loyal patients who are satisfied of his service and level of expertise. That being said, never forget to find out more about the reputation of the dentists you’ve included in your list. You can find online reviews or talk to the patients they have recently served.

Find out also what trainings your dentist attends to. This will give you an insight whether he keeps his procedures and strategies up-to-date with the latest trends in modern dentistry. The innovations in modern dentistry provide more convenience and effectiveness in solving the patients’ oral health issues.

What dental services do you think are the most important for your family? We’ll love to know!


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