Just like homework assignments are an everyday thing for a college student, business reports form a regular part of everyday practice for every employee of any company. And just like not doing your assignment properly puts your grade in jeopardy. Business reports are highly professional documents that must be written with care and precision. They should convey all the necessary information in the least space possible. There is no room for informal language and unnecessary details.

As you go about writing the report, the first thing you have to identify is your audience. Then you include the details that you think would interest your audience. Then ensure that the data you have collected is accurate. If the data isn’t accurate and reliable, then what is the point of writing so much about it? Identify what sources you are going to use and then cite them in your report. The representation of data also holds the key. Both graphs and words should be used.


While there would be a temptation to impress your readers with some over optimistic goals, but it would be wise to stick to realistic goals so that your report writing looks believable and retains credibility.

Using active voice and direct language is the key when writing business reports. You should really be saying ‘I did this work’ instead of ‘This work was done by me’ and ‘write an Irish essay for me”. Active voice makes sentences more crisp and precise and keeps the reader interested. It is also important to stay on course and not blabber too much.  It diverts the attention of the reader. One mistake that colleagues make when exchanging reports is that if they are informal with each other in real life, they tend to put that informality on paper and use causal language in the report. Needless to say this is very unprofessional.

We are normally taught that we shouldn’t use ‘me’ but in business reports you shouldn’t be afraid of using ‘me’. Since you are the one presenting the report, it feels more direct if you mention yourself. Also, it is necessary to respect the person who is expected to be your reader. Use words like ‘Regards’ and ‘Kind’ to show gratitude.

All in all, keep in mind that this is not an essay where you let the creative juices flow; it’s just a plain piece of writing that is supposed to deliver a message effectively.

Anna Jones has done her MBA from New York University and currently provides creative writing services for corporate clients. Previously she was associated with Aoneessays which proclaimed to be the best essay writing service.

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