Mouth ulcers (muh ke chhale) depending on their particular place in the oral cavity and quite irritating and can frequently hinder your ability to eat and talk. Sometimes, these ulcers put in appearance because of stress. Occasionally, this kind of ulcer suggests the lack of specific nutrients that are essential and thus, taking multivitamin supplements can prove to be good remedy; still, it may take several days to cure.

In such circumstances, you can use the following home remedies:

Ice & clove bud (Laung)


If lots of pain is being caused by the mouth ulcer, lightly rub a little ice cube or rinse your mouth with ice cold water. This can help reduce the pain, although it will not get the ulcer disappear. Likewise, you might chew a clove bud (lavang) and dire
ct where the ulcer is found the juice created to the place. The clove’s light anaesthetic effect will certainly reduce the pain.



Chew on several leaves of tulsi about 3 to 4 times daily. The tulsi plant’s leaves have medicinal properties that are astonishing and among the significant activities is as an adaptogen – a material that helps the body to adjust to pressure.

Kattha (Acacia catechu Willd.)


Visit a nearby Pan shop & buy some kattha. It act as a cooling agent & works wonders on mouth ulcers.



Honey is an all-natural humectant – that’s, it helps prevent dehydration and to keep moisture. It hastens the procedure for new tissue development and also helps reduce scarring. This, along with its antimicrobial effect ensures quicker curing. It is possible to either dab on a bit honey onto the mouth ulcer or mixture to create a paste which can be placed on the region that is affected.

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Poppy Seeds (Khas-Khas)


Based on Ayurveda, an excessive amount of heat manifests as mouth ulcers and so, poppy seeds are an excellent treatment to beat this difficulty.



Chewing some coconut or employing just a little coconut oil directly (dry or fresh) helps to reduce inflammation and pain and this helps the ulcers heal.

Licorice (Mulethi)


Licorice has several medicinal properties. Scientific studies have discovered that it includes ingredients with noticeable anti-inflammatory properties which are in charge of its action against debilitating mouth ulcers. Mulethi is readily available in powder form together with as stalk bits. Rub on the stalk with a tiny water on a grinding rock and apply the paste to the region that is ulcerated. It is also possible to combine a glass and somewhat licorice powder and drink 3 or 4 times per day for great results.

In keeping with the sense that mouth ulcers are due to excessive body heat, other materials with properties that are cooling can help eliminate agents. For instance, you drink a glass or three times regular, or could use just a little ghee to the ulcerated region. Castor oil also has excellent cooling property; apply just a little oil and the soles let the oil to soak in for several hours and after that wash using reetha and shikakai paste.

But if you see an ulcer in the mouth although it doesn’t cause you any pain which is present, don’t fail it or try and treat it beyond a day or two with home remedies. Make it a point to see a physician shortly because frequently, there is a mouth ulcer that is painless among the earliest indications.

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