ads have the power to influence the consumer's mind and their purchasing decision..these influences are...
Ads have the power to influence the consumer’s mind and their purchasing decision..these influences are…

It is a fact that the impact of advertisements on society and consumers has been really enormous with the emergence of television and internet. A lot of companies have made unprecedented sales by showing the products and preparations on TV. Both the Eastern and Western society live in such an era where the TV and internet is the most important medium of entertainment, earning, promoting, purchasing and selling the necessary items for our daily life. And all this have been done by advertisements.

It cannot be denied that the world is gradually becoming a small global village where the companies need to take advantage of the different mediums for promoting their products and sustain in the market. The companies need to make advertisements so that we are able to know about the products available in the market for our use. The advertisement serves the purpose of both the consumers and companies. It is a two way processes, with the advertisements we come to know about the constantly developing products and at the same time the companies enhance their sales by promoting their products.

It has been observed that immense profit has been earned by the companies who invest a lot in advertising. Though it is not known to anyone about the origin of advertisement, with the evolution of time it has proved that the consumer’s opinion to buy products has been influenced hugely by advertising. For instance, if a product is being shown repeatedly that it is good for acne whether on television or the internet, combined with dazzling pictures of beautiful women with clean and glowing skin; you shall definitely notice that the demand of that particular product is increasing.

Impact of Advertisement on Business

This is also true that advertisements are criticized as the portrayal of false products by misusing the power of visual effects and sound. But that is not always true. Advertisement is a strategy for promotion and increases the sales of the products. It depends on the company regarding the preparation of genuine and beneficial products. The medium cannot be blamed for this. For the companies to sustain in the market, they need to convince the consumers that the product is actually effective and this is what the impact of advertisement is. People are convinced that they are paying for a good product or service.  With the visualization of the results produced by the product, the imagination is triggered which convinces the consumers to purchase it.

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