big-dataAt the time of the company 3.0, the solutions of big data by automating data exchanges are a great way to precisely know the tastes, needs, behaviors and customer satisfaction with a product or face to a service.


Reading grid established in 2001 by Doug Laney Gartner models this paradigm as 3V Big data. 3V represent an issue (trade more massive), Variety (more types of content) and Vee locité (collection and processing in real-time).

The micro-segmentation of the market leads to one-to-one marketing paradigm to “build a relationship with a consumer and find the right products for the consumer. “

Data collection and online monitoring

I told you in my previous article of bad buzz and their harmful effects on a company’s brand image . The Big data may be used to reduce the risk of bad buzz and some companies have understood! Using data collected from their customers, they optimize their services and personalize their customer relationships, significantly reducing the risk of dissatisfaction widespread that could harm the company’s reputation.

CRM management (customer relationship management) Big data will, therefore, use the wealth of information that represents trade via Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all social networks. This micro-segmentation will know the feeling of customers face to a product or service and anticipate their needs in order to respond in a personalized and individualized manner.

The analysis of varied data and track trends allow to have detailed and personal way clients. This data explosion is a goldmine for brands and companies and offer products and services that meet the expectations of their prospects. By this logic, the Big data improves user satisfaction via a cognitive approach to customer relations.

To better manage the online reputation of a business and increase brand awareness and visibility of a brand in order to increase its customer base, it is essential to interact stakeholders through crowdsourcing. For this, nothing such as setting up an inbound marketing strategy to better identify user needs and transform the customer satisfied visitor to loyalty … the main objective of a company or brand is to increase its conversion rate and transform visitors into customers.

micro-segmentation marketing strategy

big-data-socialTo anticipate the needs and customers’ actions, it is no longer possible to be satisfied with a classic segmentation approach B2C (CSP, geography, …). We must now build on a fine segmentation, following a vision holistic of the individual.

From a marketing perspective, the Big data allows the generation of leads (in French “tracks detection”) to detect signals of interest from customers potentially interested in the products or services of a registered or a business. The real-time identification of leads and sales channels allows adjustment of the offer of the company to the needs of its customers. Thus, it is possible to predict customers’ expectations and responding to meet and boost sales.

Noting that not all customers have different expectations at the same time, it is possible thanks to big data to address a product or service to each individual and to improve the impact of its advertising campaigns through the micro-segmentation. Strengthening marketing and sales activities targeting will observe the client in its overall value by adopting a strategy of semantic analysis and attitudinal.

The data to optimize the customer experience

The optimization of the customer experience can build a relationship with it in the long run, but also increase the value of the company or brand via improving its competitive position. Building on the knowledge of customers to communicate more appropriately and gain competitiveness is the challenge that binds all companies who wish to optimize the customer experience through Big data.


Anticipating discontent and customer complaints and providing transparency and maximum dialogue during crisis situations, the Big data can increase the performance of the client relationship and thus better satisfy and retain it!

Customers like to be the door of attention, but each individual is unique and, therefore, has specific expectations based on their identity, age, tastes … By comparing the data collected from their customers, businesses can now offer personalized advertising (as does Facebook using such data indicated in the statutes of its users) but also refine and customize the content offered to prospects on their websites.

By optimizing the user experience, the Big data allows the globalizing vision of the individual in his relationship with the company by identifying behavior and attitudes through its interactions with partners and intermediaries and offering them products and services on Measure.

You’ll understand the Big data has the wind in its sails and any company wishing to increase sales and improve the customer experience will see a real interest as may be beneficial both in terms of competitiveness on the management and anticipation its e-reputation .

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