Boil EggsWhen you are feeling hungry but are done with your meal by the time, the boiled eggs can be the best friend for your stomach. Buying snacks from the shops is recommendable, but they are fun to only the tongue. For the stomach, you need something healthier, especially when you are feeling hungry. An egg has adequate amount of protein, which can make your stomach feel comfortable for a long time. Boiling the eggs is important because having the raw yolk too much is not good for health. Also, it takes hardly a few minutes to boil the eggs. The steps can be mentioned here for your further convenience.


The Steps to Boil an Egg

The following are the steps:-

  • Take a bowl of water
  • Dip the egg completely into the water
  • Boil the bowl for about 5 minutes or so. Make sure you do not over boil the egg, which will lose the enrichment of the nutritious elements
  • After the boiling, get a spoon and crack the egg gently. And you can have it with a little salt to add taste

Given that the steps are very easy, you can go for boiling 2 or 3 eggs at once. A bigger bowl and little more water can be helpful for this instance.

Serving the Boiled Eggs

While having friends at your home, you can serve the boiled eggs. You can also serve these to the kids. If you can take any kitchenware at a picnic, getting the eggs boiled is not at all very difficult.


One advantage of having the eggs boiled is that you can keep those as they are for a long time. The warmth of the eggs may get shaded away but the feel that you want to have for your stomach can stay for long.

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