Fried RiceThe fried rice is basically made from steamed rice in wok. The common ingredients of the fried rice are meat, vegetables and eggs. Sometimes it is also served in the restaurants as the penultimate dish in the Chinese banquets.

However, in household it is made with the leftovers which further leads to number of variations in this dish. You can easily find a wide range of varieties of rice which can be used for this dish.

The fried rice is one of the common fast foods in the Chinese American cuisine. Generally, the normal fried rice in Chinese American cuisine includes vegetables, scallions, chopped meat and eggs.

  • Pepper  and Salt to taste ( you can also employ white pepper powder for fried rice)
  • Two to three teaspoons of Soya sauce
  • One teaspoon of  Vinegar
  • Two and half  spoons of olive oil or any other refined oil
  • One inch piece of ginger
  • One and half  tablespoon of  Garlic
  • Two and half  spring onion green which should be finely chopped
  • Quarter cup of capsicum which is  finely chopped
  • One of shredded Cabbage
  • Quarter cup finely chopped carrot
  • A quarter cup of beans which are finely chopped
  • One teaspoon of oil for cooking the rice
  • One cup of Basmati rice
Cooking time – 30 minutes
  • Heat the oil in pan and when temperature of oil rises add ginger and garlic and sauté it for some seconds. After that add the beans and fry them for some time. In this process you can also add other vegetables such as cabbage, carrot etc.
  • Make sure that all of the vegetables must be sautéed on highest flame along with continuous stirring. This is mainly done to make the vegetables crunchy.
  •  When you are done with the above steps, add pepper, required amount of salt, vinegar, soya sauce and cooked rice.
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Points to remember
  • The whole process should be done on a high flame
  • Make sure that the vegetables are chopped finely
  • If you like Chinese, then you can also add the soya sauce.
  • You can also add the mushrooms (chopped finely) to enhance the flavor and make it more delicious.
  • Employing the olive oil for the fried rice is more preferred instead of any other refined oil.

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