Make sure that the mango is ripe. If you will push fingers in it and if they come out leaving a dent in it, then it is all set to be eaten. Use the similar method for even avocado or pears.

Firstly wash the mango and make it absolutely clean if you wish to peel off the skin of it. Thereafter gather the materials. For cubing the slices of the mango, you need a Knife, a chop board and one bowl for the cubes or the slices.

Eating the cubed mango

Cut the ripe mango in two equal halves or thirds but avoid a large pit. Make vertical Cuts on the pieces that you are holding. Be very careful so as not to cut your finger. Now, similarly make some horizontal cuts also for creating a checkered print. Grasp the mango’s skin from the back of half and then push it forward.

The chunks which you cut should pop out forming a shape of a flower. After this pull the chunks of mango. If they don t come out on their own, take a knife for slicing them in a bowl. You can even use a spoon for scraping them off.

Eat the cubes

Place the cubes of mango in one bowl, take a spoon and enjoy it. If you wish to keep some cubes for having it later, then keep it in a air tight container but try to have it as soon as possible as soggy mangoes do not taste as good as the fresh ones.

You can even add some lemon juice to the mango for adding up zest to it. You can also add the mango cubes to fruit salad. But drain the mangoes before adding them to the salad so that the salad does not overwhelm.


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