French BraidFrench Braid is considered as one of the most beautiful and classic hairstyles. The weaving of hair may look complicated but it is always possible to create a French Braid provided people know the basics of traditional braid.


Steps to French Braid

  • The first step is to prepare the hair.The hair should be thoroughly brushed to remove all tangles. If the braid has to be created at the center of the head and will go down then all hair must be brushed backwards away from forehead. For multiple braids, the hair has to parted and brushed into different sections.
  • Next step is to section the hair. A large chunk of hair has taken from the top center part of the head and all the hair must be from same row.
  • The section of hair taken has to be separated into strands. French Braid is like a traditional braid where three different strands are to be taken. You have to create three even strands and no piece of strand can be smaller or larger than the other two.
  • Now braid has to be created. Out of three strands, two strands have to be taken in one hand and the third strand has to be taken in the opposite hand.  Now these strands have to be taken on the right and cross it over the center in order to create few rows of regular braid. The strand from the left is then taken and crossed over the center.
  • The pattern would continue and strands would go diagonally over its central strand. In the mean time, other pieces of hair have to be used. While crossing a strand over to the other side, some strand of hair from the loose pieces is included and at the end no loose piece of hair is left.
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Important tip

The hairs from the front of the head, near face and neck have to be included in the braid to make it look neat and clean.


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