How to Increase Running SpeedIn the busy and schedule that we follow increasing the running speed on the timer is time consuming as we need to run more and more and devote a lot of time practicing how to run faster. Apart for running faster and more everyday there are also easier and more feasible techniques that one can learn in order to run faster without more and more time running and thereby making the entire process more hectic.


Run every day in varied intensity: the volume and intensity a runner puts in his regular schedule determines his running speed. Therefore a week’s training that combines hard and easy run helps increase the speed and intensity of running.

Consistency in essential in training: once in shape the runner has to keep it up. Speed is not built in a day. When a runner has reached a certain speed that he has desired for he has to keep in mind that he works out and runs on a regular basis to maintain the speed. Most runners go out of shape because of irregularity and they spend a bulk of the year trying to get back the speed they acquired.

Step cycles:  running consistently in the same speed can cause body fatigue. It is essential that we alter the hard steps and easy steps while we practice the run. A week of easier steps followed by a week of harder and more difficult steps increase the speed of running.

Run on the hills: everyday running uphill for five miles can definitely increase the speed of running. This is more challenging and helps a lot in adding to the fitness regime. It increases the leg strength and the aerobic capacity of the body.

Sprinting can add to the speed: sprinting apart from being a fun activity also increases stride power and the running economy doubles. Distance runners practice this activity to add speed to it.

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