LinuxIs that like you have decided to give the Linux a shot, and we have really found a type of distribution which will suit you. But the main thing is that how to install Linux? Here we will show you how to create a live USB drive or a live CD so as to install Linux in your system.

Burning a live USB drive or a CD ROM

There are a few various methods so as to install Linux in your system, but the most important and popular method is that you download and then burn a live CD or USB drive. This method is most popular as it is very easy to use. You will just have to get your live CD from the internet and then head to the distribution’s home page and then look for download section. In many of the sites it is very easy to find one but in some of the sites they use Bit torrent or various links so as to get the Live CD downloaded. Then you have to choose the version which you want to download. Some may be the one which is for the notebooks and some may be for the desktop type of environment. Many of them will also have 32 bit or 64 bit available and you can download them as per your need or your choice.

The installation process is little different from the every distro, but in general you just have to follow some easy steps which are necessary too. The first step is that you have to partition your drive. After getting the partition done, Linux is going to install a new boot loader for you called GRUB. And then give you the option to choose between the Windows and Linux at the startup and then you can use the one you like.

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