ubuntuThere is many a Linux operating system found in the world of technology for your PC. However Ubuntu is one of the most popular distributors of Linux operating system. It is highly recommended to the users who are new to the world of Linux because of the ease and the use which is relatively highly widespread. But you don’t know how to install ubuntu?

This is no big issue. Going through these simple and easy steps you will be efficiently able to install ubuntu in your PC so as to take work from it. The steps are simple and easy to perform. Before you start installing, it is recommended that you must choose a flavor of the operating system Ubuntu from the many which is present in the market along with the choice of the graphical or textual installation.

  • If you have a PC which is old enough with about 256 MB RAM or less than that then you must seek the alternate CD which is efficient in text installation, however ultimately installs a environment full of graphics.
  • The next step is that you must download and should try to burn the image file. You can have a CD from the Ubuntu site or you can even buy a book with it or you may even try the alternative one i.e. to get a CD shipped.
  • The next step includes the defragmentation of your hard disk so that you can install the Ubuntu in one part.
  • Next you put the CD in the drive and then restart your PC. Then you must press F12 or F2 for the booting option and then change the boot priority to be CD drive.
  • The next step and the last step is very easy. Next you just have to click on the menu showing try Ubuntu without any change to your computer.

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