WordPress is very much famous for its ease of installation. Installing WordPress is not only a simple process but also takes less than five minutes to get installed. If you want to install WordPress yourself then given below mentioned tips on how to install WordPress will really help you out.

Download latest installation package:

To install WordPress you need to first of all download the latest installation package. Always remember that you download WordPress from authorized and official page only.

Extract the files:

Once the process of download is complete, extract all the files and upload it to your web hosting account. You can upload it using cpanel or FTP. Make sure that all the files remain in the public_html folder of your account. Moreover, if you want to run only some part of your website on the WordPress you can always create a subfolder.

Installation process:

Go through your website to start the process of installation. You need to go to http://yourdomain if you have uploaded WordPress in your public_html directory. The very first thing you will notice will be that a message would be flushing on your screen which will tell you to create a file names wp-config.php. Just click on the create file button to proceed with the process of installation.

Necessary information for installation:

After this you need to create a new username so that you have permission to operate the database.  Once you are done with your database info just click the lets go button.

Enter your important details:

The last step is to enter the information about your administrative username and heading of your new site. Once you give all your information, click the press install WordPress button. Always, keep in mind that you should give real and authentic email address so that it can be used later in case if you forget your username or password.

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