The majority of people never find ironing clothes very interesting. The majority of people avoid ironing their clothes because they find is a daunting task. But the fact is that most of them are unaware about the proper way of ironing. Once they understand the complete process it will be actually very simple. The entire process of ironing is actually quite easy if done properly and systematically. In this article you will get important tips on how to iron a shirt properly:

Start with a damp shirt:

if you are ironing a cotton or linen shirt it should always be wet for the best results. Sprinkle some water on shirt and then start ironing.

Start with the collar:

First of all adjust the collar of the shirt on your ironing board. Open the collar and iron it until it is completely pressed properly. Turn the collar and repeat the process again with the forward facing section of the neck collar.

Iron sleeves:

After the collar of a shirt, iron the sleeves. Start with the front of the sleeves and then the back. Bear in mind that you need to be slow, cautious and also iron around the cuffs.

Other parts of shirt:

Like this way you can actually go on the other part of shirts also very easily. Just simply place it flat over the ironing board and smooth out each wrinkle nicely.

Iron the inside front part:

Iron over the buttons and pocket from the back side of the shirt. This will make buttons protected from the heat and pocket will also come out evenly. Then iron the right front panel, back side of the shirt, side seams and also around the left front panel.

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Once all this is completed quickly hang up the shirt and it is ready to wear.



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