How to Play Chess

How to Play ChessChess has been played by people since the 15th century. There are many people in this world who want to know how to play chess. It is really an interesting game that you can play anywhere. Chess is played between two players and it is very simple to learn it. It is observed that by playing chess one can sharp mind as while playing chess for playing one turn you will need to keep all the turns in mind. There are many people in this world who want to learn chess. It is played by all ages of people whether they are a child, young or old.

Basic points:

Chess is played in between two players positioned on the opposite sides of the chessboard. Chessboard contains 64 squares of black and white colors. Every individual has to play with 16 pieces including 1 King, 1 Queen, 2 knights, 2 rooks, 2 bishops & 8 pawns. In chess, one can win games by checkmating of an opponent’s piece of the king. Checkmate occurs when the opponent’s king will not able to take any movement and if there will be no chance of escaping from opponent’s pieces.

How to learn:

You can easily learn to play chess by downloading a chess game on the computer or you can read books. The main thing that you should keep in mind that you should play the chess with mind as it is considered as best of the thinking game in which player has to use mind for one turn. You should take every step by thinking again and again. While you are thinking about moving any piece of chess on the chessboard during game you will need to keep in mind that the place that is being selected by you is safe. You have to avoid mistakes while playing chess because your one mistake can be the reason for your defeat.

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