How to Play Craps

How to Play CrapsCraps is really a good dice game that is very popular among people all over throughout world. You can play craps in casino as it is found in almost all casinos all over the world. Moreover craps is also played in pool parlors, street corners and in the bar’s backrooms. There are numbers of reasons why crap has gained so much popularity. The main reason of getting so much popularity is that by playing it one can win a lot of money in some minutes. It is very simple to understand this game.


What you will need to understand:

A set of dice will be given to you and there will be also some people with you around the table and you will be asked what is going to happen on the table.  For example if during first throw you want to get 7 and after throwing it you get 7 then you will win your bet. And in case if you get any other number like 2, 3 or any other number then you will be loser. You can start betting on another point after losing or wining if you want to play more.

  • If you roll table for 7 before hitting 8 you will lose but if 8 is hit by you before coming 7 then you will be winner. If you will not have knowledge about craps then you should not play this game.
  • Don’t pass the line. You will win the bet if pass line bet losses and you’ll lose if pass line wins.
  • Bet on certain number that will be rolled before 7: These bets are played as buy and place bets. It indicates that different numbers will have different payouts and advantages. Here are listed some odds:
    • 7 rolls: 6 in 36
    • 6 rolls: 5 in 36
    • 8 rolls: 5 in 36
    • 4 rolls: 4 in 36
    • 10 rolls: 4 in 36


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