[dropcap type=”circle” color=”#ffffff” background=”#333333″]1[/dropcap]Bring your cursor to the right lower side of your screen and right click the Babylon icon and after click “Exit” Confirm with “Yes’.

[dropcap type=”circle” color=”#ffffff” background=”#333333″]2[/dropcap]Go to rum command in windows starter menu and enter “appwiz.cpl”. It will show the applications installed in your system.

[dropcap type=”circle” color=”#ffffff” background=”#333333″]3[/dropcap]Find out Babylon toolbar icon and click “Uninstall” with option of Confirming “YES” and wait for few time.

[dropcap type=”circle” color=”#ffffff” background=”#333333″]4[/dropcap]Go to Windows Disk drive and open “Programme Files” Folder.Mostly Drive C:/ is the disk drive in the computer.

[dropcap type=”circle” color=”#ffffff” background=”#333333″]5[/dropcap]Select the Babylon folder and click Shift + Delete and click “Yes” to confirm and software got uninstalled properly!

Tips and Warning

Shift + Delete is used for remove file and folder completely.

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