Start a Conversation with a Girl

Start a Conversation with a GirlIt is quite common for a boy to feel uncomfortable while attempting to speak to the girl for the first time. Breaking the ice while conversing will be really important in this situation. Not all boys may have the same problem, but maximum gents have a same problem to start conversation with a girl.

Since they are not aware of the reaction that the girl can give, they are sacred about a negative reaction.

Tips while speaking with a girl

Immediate start of conversation

It is good to start the conversation immediately without thinking about the consequences. Dragging things can make it complicated. You must give a clear shot when you see someone of interest. It is good to break the ice at the first pace rather than saving it for later.

Don’t use any fabricated or pick up lines

It will be really rude and odd to ask for a number from a girl at the first sight. You will always get a negative reaction. It is advisable to use the immediate environment in order to break the ice. For example, if you are in a social gathering and find her looks beautiful, you must appreciate her as girls really like appreciation. But, appreciation should be straight forward. Do not use any fabricated words.

Start flirting

Girls do not mind as soon as a guy limits him to flirting. But, it is important to make her realize that, you are a step higher in the friend zone.

Make your opinion clear even if it is different

A girl likes a boy with back bone. He might have a different view as compared to the crowd but sticking up to the point is important. You must not be influenced by other thoughts.

Give spare compliments

Women like a man with some mystery. You must open your mystery one by one to the girl you lime.


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