knittingKnitting has been a regular practice among ladies even few years back. It is not commonly seen nowadays but if you are interested in knitting you have to know the basics of knitting. There are many factors to be considered for knitting.


How to start

  • As you are trying knitting for the first time, you must try out the simple patterns e.g. Scarves or headbands. If pattern is what you are interested in find out a knitting pattern but start with the simple ones.
  • The weight of yarn and size of the needles have to be the appropriate ones required for a particular pattern.
  • Yarn ball has to be created from the yarns. It will make the knitting work convenient.
  • To knit the items that are to be fitted properly, it is important to knit a gauge swatch. Now it is possible to have number of stitches per inch matched with the gauge in a particular pattern.
  • To start knitting, a slip knot has to be created. This knot is like an overhand knot and yarn has to be pulled through the knot so that loops are formed. The knot has to be placed on the needle and it has to be pulled tight.
  • The size of the item to be knitted varies and one has to get required number of stitches. Using the dominant hand, a loop has to be created and then it has to be threaded onto the needle. The whole process has to be repeated to get required numbers of stitches.
  • Now start knitting as per the pattern
  • The yarn ball must be anchored somewhere so that it does not roll on while knitting is done

The above steps are surely going to help the first time knitters to start in the simplest way and enjoy knitting.

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