tieThe most important part of formal clothing is to tie a tie is an appropriate way. Whether it is about going to a corporate party or going for an interview, a tie is the most important part of a man’s dress. It gives him the gracefulness which cannot be got from anywhere else. When it comes to tie a tie there are basically two most important ways by which the knot a tie can be made.  The Winsdor Knot and the “Four in Hand Knot” are the two ways in which one can tie the tie.

The Windsor knot

The Windsor knot is the name which was named about the Duke of Windsor.  This method of tying is considered to be the most elegant way of tying the necktie. In order to make the Windsor knot the right hand side should be kept the broader end and it should be at least 25-30 cm longer that narrow end of the tie. This is followed by the wider end criss-crossing the narrow end and them entering the loop which is the center between the tie and the collar. After the wider end comes out the process is once again repeated of the broader end crossing over the narrow and then coming out of the loop. The narrow end beneath the wider end acts as an adjuster of the tie.

For daily use the Four in Hand Knot is the best

The “Four in Hand Knot” is another way to tie a tie and it is used in occasions which are less formal. Mostly for daily office use men prefer the Four in hand Knot. It is similar to the Windsor knot and the wider end is kept above the narrow end. The broader end is brought out twice in front of the narrow end and then the loop id brought forward.

Tying the tie in the best way is very important as it adds to the elegance and aesthetics to a man’s dressing.

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