Tumblr is one of the micro blogging services which have gained a large amount of poularity these days. The main reason behind this is its effectiveness on the internet. However, there are also many people who are still not aware of using it.

If you are also the individual who is looking for the important steps to use Tumblr, then you might find the following information useful.

How to use Tumblr?

1. First of all you have to go to the website and sign up there. You will need a username for it and this username will act as a display name. However, this username is not permanent and you can change it anytime whenever you wish while posting the online blogs. All you have to do is to go to the settings in Tumblr.

2. In the next step it is important to know about the seven different types of posts. These posts are considered to be very useful at any particular instant of time on the websites for the online posts. These seven types of posts are –

  • Text Post: The text post in the Tumblr generally consists of text, images, videos and hyperlinks.
  • Photo: In this post an individual is supposed to post only images accompanied with a brief description.
  • Quote: It consists of the title text and single line
  • Link: It is entirely a descriptive text which includes a link.
  • Chat: It is used to share the conversation
  • Audio: It is a single mp3 file
  • Video: It is a simple video file

3. In the next you have to follow the people and start getting your followers.

4. Like and re blog the posts which you like on the website.

5. Understand the messages.

6. After that customize the Tumblr according to your own preferences.

7. When you are done with this whole process you can start posting your own original content. 

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