While most of us love learning, studying can be an entirely different beast. Studying is a technique that requires practice, patience and trial and error. Training your mind to retain information when the pressure is on is no ordinary feat. While studying concepts in physics such as the mach number and hydrostatic paradox can get tricky, effective study habits can make the learning process easy and fun. Here, in the article, we have discussed a few tips to make your study time more useful and productive. After all, what is the point of studying if you only end up wasting your time and don’t learn what you need to?

Stick to Print

When it comes to studying, print materials have an upper hand over tablets and other e-learning devices. Although interactive habits like clicking and scrolling enhance the academic experience, a survey shows that more than 90% of students said that they preferred a hard copy over a digital device when it came to studying and school work.

Study While You are Tired and Get Some Rest!

Studying when you are tired helps the brain retain higher concentrations of new skills. The term for this is known as sleep-learning. While the memory consolidation process does its best work during the slow-wave sleep, the brain could be getting both reactivation and restoration that it needs during its time of rest.


The benefits of exercise on the brain have been well established in the field of fitness, health and psychology. Studies prove that brainpower gets a boost after a short workout as our body pumps oxygen and nutrition to the brain.

Lastly, study smart rather than studying hard. The time that you set aside for studying in your study plan doesn’t necessarily need to be excessive. Know your learning style and tailor your study to focus on your strengths.

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