GoalMost students start their academic year filled with enthusiasm and the ambition that they anticipate would last them all semesters. However, this enthusiasm is often short lived and the goals that appear vividly in the first semester often become misty by the end. However, in order to ensure that the passion sustains and the goals students set for themselves on the very day of their freshman year are what keep them struggling till the very last day of their senior year they just have to remind themselves, or remain conscious of six simple things. These are the tips that will help students remember the grander picture and keep pushing themselves till they achieve the milestone they set for themselves in the starting of the year.

The very first tip is to know ahead of time by strategizing how to begin with the assignment papers. In order to know this the students must construct for themselves an achievable action plan. Sometimes students put down a lot of their focus in the initial few months, however, this energy is only temporary and runs out after the initial kick of adrenaline ends. As a result, the students continue to struggle and barely pass for the rest of the year. By making an action plan they can constructively and productively divide their energy over the course of the year and continue to exhibit the same levels of energy all year round. Tip number two is to allow oneself to rest and take a break, this also falls within the concept of making an action plan but this should be considered separately as it is. It is essential that students do not become too rigid in their movements and allow themselves to be flexible from time to time. This allows them to stay geared for their goals and not to get fed up of them.

Tip number three is to ensure there is an activity or whatever they love to do, that keeps them motivated and active in terms of their plan of action. Students must treat themselves when they achieve a goal as this subconsciously motivates and encourages them to keep going. Tip number four is to ensure that no goal is such that is not achievable, sometimes students go overboard and set such a goal which is practically impossible to reach. As a result, they lose motivation, thus they must ensure their goals are definitive and real. Tip number five is to stay on track and not get distracted and tip number six is as simple as five, use technology for the better not for the worse to achieve their goals.

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