Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface ProThe surface Pro is nowadays very popular and available in two versions, somewhat lean sixty four gigabytes version as well as more 128GB extendable memory. It is basically a Microsoft ARM tablet.

This product from Microsoft is for sale Canada and US and in this month it is being launched in UK, Australia, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Portugal, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Ireland, Finland, France, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Belgium.


Great Features

This tablet is being waited by people for a long time and it is worth waiting due to a number of features it offers. The top features include surface RT available with window RT is very easy to understand and user friendly.


It is a perfect electronic gadget for an individual who needs tablet, however is looking for something for your office work. If you have seen Surface RT in flesh, Surface Pro appears to be very familiar. The same Vapour Mg coating over same sturdy however a sleek metal body, gently curved corners along with a wide black bezel, same subtle logo on front.


Microsoft Surface Pro has same distinctive looks, same sleek black case as well as the same full USB port – however it tweaks iconic kickstand along with clever magnetic connectors for the power and two tear-off keyboards.


However, pick the tablet and you will notice difference at once. The Surface Pro is comparatively more thicker – 0.53 inches rather than 0.37 inches is not exactly bulky as well as it is heavier, available at 907g 2lbs rather than 1.5lbs. However, weight is also evenly distributed as well as well balanced therefore; it does not feel heavier unless you select it side by side. After bying it, you will come to know that you have purchased the best gadget.

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