The multimodal learning has become a success in all educational institutes from lower classes to higher classes with enhanced technologies which refer to the different ways of learning. This is mainly used to learn something in a new way to understand and recollect it very easily. This sort of learning is for those children who are poor or average in their studies and to score more in their exams. These methods of learning comprise of both the audio and video presentations including poems, rhymes, lectures, PowerPoint presentations and the animations where students can easily understand and remember the concepts.

The word multimodal refers to multiple modes of representation. In other words, using more than one mode of representation to convey the same idea.


Thanks to this technology, the student’s job have become easier and less stressful. It has also helped to reduce the time in referring books in the library for their notes, attending coaching classes or tuitions, browsing for more subject material and so on.

These new model of learning are available on CD’s, DVD’s, tablets and also in applications which can be used either in mobile phones, computer and in laptops.

Here is the detailed analysis of the different applications available in the market which helps in preparing for both board exams and other competitive exams including JEE, CAT, IAS and lot more.

Constructing a Global Platform


There are many educational applications which can be easily downloaded on android mobiles and laptops to make it easier for both students and parents.

Engaging Video Lectures

There are many video-based lectures designed by the best teachers available for students to understand complicated concepts in an easy way. This also helps them to grasp the concepts easily as the demonstrations are clearly depicted through the use of technology.

For example: If a student is interested to learn about the respiratory system, a complete working model or 3-D images with different parts are available in this technology. This helps the student in a better understanding and also helps to retain every single part of the image more clearly compared to the diagram present in the textbook or on the blackboard.

Cooperative learning

Usually, teachers come across few students feeling bored, sleepy and distracted in class as they are unable to concentrate. To make the class more interesting, the cooperative learning strategy can be applied to enhance student’s concentration. In this model, small groups of students are allowed to work together on a given task. These learning activities help in developing oral communication skills, higher level of thinking and positive attitude towards the subject matter.

Create supplementary activities

Even after learning for hours together students don’t grasp the content immediately. This lack of understanding can be cured fairly easily with a quick review. By creating more interesting activities, performing live experiments on biology, presenting models of chemistry, playing quiz and debate related to topics would help students to grasp what they have studied so that they can easily remember by these live experiments.

This was a brief discussion about how multimodal helps students in their learning. For more tips and tricks about education subscribe to our Byju’s YouTube Channel.


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