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Night club owners and those involved in the industry of night-life entertainment are always looking to make new ground in entertaining customers and getting them to come back time and time again to its establishments. But not all night club industries breed success, and failure rates can be high and devastating if marketed badly.

There is a difference between a club, a DJ bar and a night club. The differences are subtle but generally a DJ bar will have a smaller dance floor and a larger area for seating and social interaction. A club can be a place that opens during the day and may or may not sell alcohol according to local licensing restrictions and a night club usually opens after 10pm and remains a place where punters can stay until the small hours and dance, drink and be entertained by a number of events being put on by the owners, third party organizers and freelance promotion teams.


The night club industry tends to thrive in city centres and resorts. During the 1980s and 1990s night clubs expanded the businesses by introducing a series of attractions which forced owners to get creative quick or go under. A number of Mediterranean resort night clubs introduced foam parties, karaoke corners and go-go dancers to mingle and jive among the clubbers.

Night club entertainment also adapted in the 1980s so the disc jockey would become a more integral part of the entertainment. During the 1970s, disc jockeys at clubs, weddings, parties and night clubs would be little more than service staff workers that would have to swap the vinyl over once one record had completed.

Night club DJ’s began scratching and remixing audio as the technology improved. Some DJs now have a cult following similar to that of a rock band or popular singing artist. Hiring celebrity disc jockeys also became of business promotion winner for more Spanish resort night clubs and London-based venues in the last 30 years.

Marketing is an important factor in the night club entertainment industry – particularly as social media plays such a huge part in the lives of clientele who would otherwise be using and attending night clubs.

Winning formulas today involve promoting a club heavily on social media, promoting some different to other nightlife establishments, advertising gay friendly, hosting live musicians during the early slots in the night and getting celebrities to turn up.



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