NORML - Marijuana Laws Reform Benefits of Medical Marijuana

For quite a long time, marijuana or cannabis have always been sidelined and seen as one of the illicit drugs in many parts of the world. However, as people came to find out that the plant is actually beneficial, medical marijuana was introduced and this has made the plant to be legalized in different parts of the world.

This shows that cannabis can actually be helpful when it comes to health related issues due to its numerous benefits. The use of marijuana is still being controlled as excessive use might be dangerous. Some companies however are still against its usage in any form. Using it can actually land you in trouble when you fail a drug test in your place of work. Find out more about drug testing on this link

Some people however don’t agree with this and believes that people shouldn’t be limited from using cannabis or using it for medicinal purposes only hence the emergence of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). The organization doesn’t only support the legalization of non-medical marijuana, it also supports the removal of all criminal charges related to private possession of the plant among other things.

With people from different parts of the world fighting for the legalization of this plant, you can only tell there is something special about it, right? With that being said, let us look at a few health benefits of using marijuana.

  • Ability to fight cancer

Well, among the reasons why marijuana use is slowly gaining popularity all over the world is the fact that it helps in healing your body. When people talk about the health benefits of marijuana, they probably won’t leave out this point, the fact that it can help in cancer treatment as this is the important benefit that is widely reported from different studies. These studies has shown that marijuana can help in killing cancer cells and can be able to relief one from pain and stress.

  • Lose weight

Among the most talked about topics in the world right now, weight loss is one of them. A lot of people are usually troubled by this as they are constantly looking for ways in which they can shade off some weight.

Well, as you are trying out different methods to achieve your goal of losing weight, maybe you should consider adding some marijuana in one of your combos. Sound crazy, right? Most people always say that using cannabis makes them eat more, well, this is true. However, it doesn’t make you hungry, it only improves the taste buds or rather appetite.

From the studies conducted, it has been found that marijuana can help in regulating the production of insulin in your body thus helping you to manage your intake of calories. This is why you will find a medical marijuana users appearing to be a bit thinner compared to the non-users. Click here to learn more on this.

  • Depression

Another benefit you can enjoy from using cannabis, is being free of depression. Cannabis has been around for quite a long time and the belief that it can help in treating depression dates back to many years ago.

This is actually why it marijuana is also referred to as the green Prozac in some areas. In the US, depression is known to be a common problem when we talk about mental illness but still remains the least talked about issue.

Well, as there is still no definitive proof of long term depression treatment using cannabis, a lot of studies have however shown that it actually does. When used moderately, it can increase the serotonin levels, also known as the happy hormones, in the body which will in turn act as an anti-depressant and has proven to be quite effective. You’ve always head people talk about cannabis making them happy, right?

  • Diabetes

Diabetes is among the diseases usually causing problems in our lives today. Many have lost their lives due to the struggle of fighting this disease and a lot more are still suffering from it.

Well, as seen before, we noted that using marijuana can help in regulating the insulin production in your body and also your weight. Due to this, medical marijuana can also help you in fighting and completely prevent diabetes.

  • Much safer than alcohol

As mentioned above, cannabis has always been seen as a bad thing and those using it have often received judgments from other people for this reason. Anyway, as the plant is being demonized, the society on the other hand has gladly accepted things like alcohol and cigarettes.

This has seen a lot of people using them mostly when relaxing or passing time not knowing that both the products are more harmful compared to cannabis. A lot of studies have shown that consuming alcohol has severe long time effects compared to cannabis thus making it a much safer alternative. 

  • Preventing Alzheimer’s

It is so unfortunate that there are certain illnesses that cannot be completely avoided. Among them are cognitive illnesses such as Alzheimer’s. However, some studies have indicated that a compound usually found in cannabis known as THC can help in such situation. The THC helps by removing the toxic plaque usually found in the brain of a person suffering from Alzheimer. Well, even though cannabis cannot be able to completely get rid of the disease, it will at least slow down the process and thereby making those suffering from this kind of illness to lead a longer and productive life.

  • Treatment for ADHD

When talking about the medicinal advantages of cannabis, most people won’t mention that it can also be used as treatment for ADHD. Well, people don’t always know everything as it is also commonly not used on this.

Anyway, most people usually believe that using cannabis can lead to memory loss or at least interfere with your ability to concentrate. This might be true but only when consumed in large quantities. But, with moderate use, the opposite is usually true as it can help to improve your concentration levels.

Additionally, medical marijuana can also be used as an effective, safer and cheaper alternative to some prescription drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall.


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