Optimize Template for SEO

Template optimization refers to a process of optimizing content in the webpage so as to make it easier for the search engines to refer to it for a search on a related topic.

Template Optimization

Template optimization is also known as “On –Page-SEO”. This refers to a process wherein we structure the content in a web page in such a manner that the user finds it easy to understand and retain. From studies it is understood that online visitors usually look at certain sections of the webpage. They will not read a page line by line. There is a pattern in which the user checks out or scans a webpage. This pattern is then identified and optimized so that the webpage ranks higher on relevant searches carried out by search engines.

The goal is to align the content in a way so that both the user and the search engine find out relevant content on your webpage.

The traits of a good template

There are essentially two elements of a web template

  1. The web page design: this refers to the page setup, what goes where, the images that you use, the ease with which a user can navigate through your webpage(s).
  2. Substance :What is that you want to convey to your customer i.e. your value proposition.

The process of optimizing

Webpage optimization requires much research and often the best page is derived from continuous iterations and a trial and error process. You will have to run test versions of the webpage to find out which is most appealing to the customer and which results in the maximum conversion .Accordingly you can finalize the format of your webpage.

The image optimization in the service of your site!

However there are a few pointers which you could keep in mind while building the template .These pointers form part of a framework that is commonly found in most successful websites. Alternatively you might call these the traits of a successful webpage template.

  1. Clear headline and a subhead line: Put a clear headline which conveys what value you are bringing to the user. The sub headline should add to what the headline conveys.
  2. Supporting Image : Include a picture which support your value statement and reinforces it
  3. A quick header that summarizes your value proposition.
  4. A primary information column that list the main points of your value proposition. This should support the header and briefly explain why the customer should choose you over the rest.
  5. A much focused call to action which explains in detail what the user is getting into.
  6. Supporting content: Contact numbers, email id, links to the Face book, Twitter etc pages of your company.
  7. This could also include testimonials and reviews to assure the hesitant visitor or educate on who is looking for more details.

Though the points do cover the traits of successful web templates it is highly recommended that you achieve the webpage perfect for your business through a process of continuous testing and arrive at one which maximizes conversion for you.

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