Paper TossA popular variety of online game that is basically developed for the operating system Ios but is now ported to android apps is known as Paper Toss game. Multi –touch input is used in this game.

What is in this game?

Paper Toss is a game plan with office atmosphere. The objective in this game is to flick pieces of paper into the bin. Fan running in the space will make the game more challenging and fascinating. The speed and the wind displayed are also considered while getting a score in this game. The players can get the score on the basis of number of times they can manage to toss the paper.


The android apps can allow you to play the game of paper toss in different styles. All the scenes in the game have different way to interact. The players can use their boss as a backboard while playing the game. You must also have a look at the shot and the length of streak.

PC version of these games

It is now possible to go ahead with the PC versions of the games named Paper Toss. Following is the process.

  • First Download this software (Windows)
  • After download the software, install it. Just after the installation it will start downloading some components and take some time to complete.
  • After that run the software and it will show screen like Android phone and then go to Google Play.
  • Find Paper Toss , download it and start enjoying the Game !!!

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