performance appraisal

Proper technique and careful attitude is required by the evaluator when trying to perform performance appraisals. Prior to evaluating the performances of the employees and the subordinates, you need to use the right set of ethical skills and techniques ethically carried out performance appraisals are likely to result in morale boosting among the employees and also provide them a chance to improve their future performance without actually getting subjected to humiliation before their colleagues.

Implementing 360 degree feedback performance appraisal

To weed out chances of inefficient and weak performance appraisals, there has been designed the 360 degree performance evaluation tool. Such appraisal type is known to provide fair, overall and complete view of all the employees, irrespective of their status and position in the organization. Web based systems are considered to be the modern versions and has only made the task to become easier, thorough and faster. Ensure taking information only from the direct supervisor of the employees and also from their fellow colleagues. With this technique, it is possible to monitor the employee’s performance even if the supervisor is not present. Suppliers and customers can also be part of the evolution process.

How the 360 appraisal method is to be applied the correct way?

If you are seeking a full fledge evaluation tool with regards to company culture, accuracy of employee performance, job descriptions, effectiveness of business operations and practices, then you should definitely apply the 360 appraisal method and enjoy the best results.

This method is based upon the feedback received from several viewpoints like employees under direct managers, other managers, customers, suppliers, Director Board members or subordinates, etc. No computer software is needed for performing this method to ensure accurate appraisal results. Even small enterprises will be able to enjoy using this technique using paper. But the custom computer based 360 appraisal program that is easily available from the different vendors in the market is fast becoming popular among organizations.

What needs to be focused upon?

The following aspects need to be focused upon when developing and applying the 360 appraisal method:

  • Creating agreement with employees: All employees are to be notified clearly about the application of the 360 Appraisal methods and be made aware of. If developing professionalism is the goal from this method, then the results are to be shared with the evaluated employees and their supervisor/manager. Again if the purpose is to provide bonus based upon the evaluation process, then the method’s role should be clearly explained to the employees. For instance, the employee is likely to get bonus based on general performance of 50%, business goal fulfilment of 25%, with the appraisal method result being 25%. The company should make it a point to explain to the to-be evaluated employees as to how supervision of the appraisal process will take place, how results are to be collected, what step is to be taken next, when is the next appraisal due, any instruction or training course to be implemented after the evaluation process, etc.
  • Developing common job description: Firstly, it becomes essential to establish a functional professional board comprising of representatives belonging to different departments in the organization. They need to work out the job description with knowledge, experience and skills that will be required to perform each and every task assigned. Moreover, the description is to take into consideration the company’s core strategy and value as a Loadstar. Hence, when trying to establish job description, high performance employees are to be considered as typical. With the unification of professional qualifications and skills for each job, they are further divided into more specific, smaller and easy to observe behaviours.
  • Transform above behaviours to appraisal questions: In order to derive accurate appraisal result that is based upon above small behaviours, it is necessary to extract appraisal questions as much as possible to provide the evaluator with a better understanding and to give similar feedback when asked with any type of question, which is generally 6 years, 6 months or 6 weeks periodically. But the questions are to be suitable to the condition of the company and also unified. Finally, the appraisal question list on employee behaviours is to be revised. This is done by adding and summarizing questions as deemed necessary. Then the same needs to be submitted for approval purpose to the company’s Director Board.
  • Training course for evaluators: Proper and thorough instructions need to be given to the evaluators as to how they are to provide objective and valuable feedback. They also need to be made understand about the significance of deriving accurate results from the 360 evaluation process and about following ‘Information Privacy Principle’. They are to be pre-informed about behaviours, employees and the score scale that is to be evaluated. Applying 1 to 7 appraisal score scales will be quite appropriate, where 7 stands for ‘Excellence’ and 1 for ‘Unacceptable’. ‘N/A’ or ‘Not Applicable’ section also needs to be applied if the appraisal does not relate to the employee or job to be evaluated. Besides this, there also are to be several other questions which need feedback in writing. Like, “What needs to be done by Mr. B or improving his future performance?”, “What kind of benefits have been brought upon by Mrs. A to the organization?” etc.
  • Action after evaluation: A thank giving meeting can be held for all evaluators for providing their valuable feedback by the evaluated people. This will help to improve all future engagements and to perform better with their timely advice and assistance. The company, based upon the results of the appraisal might consider employees with outstanding and high skills and work performances as well as the opposite, to whom proper training could be given to improve their skills and overall performance.
  • Score calculation and result announcement: Score calculation is a must for different managers, departments and jobs. The results can be used for leaving-off work or recruitment interview purpose. Scores are to be classified with relationship between evaluators and employees like customer, subordinate, co-worker, etc.

Overall, application of the 360 appraisal tool in the organization, the correct way can improve work and individual and company performance.


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