When it comes about cosplay then first thing that comes in mind is Star Wars costume which is so amazing, iconic and attractive that it can glorify your presence in any party. Looking into star wars season you can get ample of options for any cosplay such as unique aliens like dress up, princess like attire, fearsome fighters look or many other exciting looks. Now if you don’t have time dressing up like Queen Natalie Portman Padme Amidala and there is a Halloween party next day or any other theme party then there are several other amazing options in box to opt for. Perhaps you want to dress up for your friend’s birthday or office theme party then there are plenty of options available for both boys and girls. So for last minutes decisions star wars costumes are best to put on.

Here we are presenting some few costume options to try in the coming Halloween or any other themed party.

For Boys:

First of all we have narrowed ten best star wars costume options for boys. So let’s have a look:

Star Wars Finn costume

Star Wars Cosplay Costumes

Finn’s look is like a rough tough fighter person who wears an iconic leather jacket with a plain trouser and regular tee. Finn is also known as Former First Order stormtrooper FN-2187.

The best thing about his costume is that it has a leather jacket which is easily accessible so you can easily recreate it in your own way. Moreover rest of the things in his costume like a plain black t-shirt, a trouser or silver shoes are also come in everyday wearable so you won’t find any difficulties in finding these things also. The only thing which needs your attention and couldn’t be present in your wardrobe is his shooter gun with shoulder strap. You need to buy that blaster only to complete the look.

Star wars Captain Phasma Deluxe costume

With each coming new saga there are lots of fear fighters, saviors and many other characters are coming to give you all an inspiration. This costume of captain phasma consist unisex full body jumpsuit with a belt, helmet, veil and all that details which armor needs. Captain phasma carries a blaster also which is a part of whole attire and you can hold any kind of gun with this and to complete the overall look wear silver shimmery full feet covered shoes. This overall look is very exciting to get on and can make your party more lively and enjoyable.

Star wars Po Dameron Costume

Costume of Pa Dameron the pilot or the hero of star wars is an ultimate option to opt for in any party as its rugged look will surely steal the highlight of party. Pa dameron costume includes orange colored strarfighter jumpsuit which is complemented with a jacket consisting of many pockets. This cosplay outfit can be ordered for a customized fit if you are not able to find it of suitable size. This costume demands for nice dark coif and if you are lacking in it then go with a simple wig to complete the look.

Star wars Kylo Ren costume

If you want to dress like bad boy then go with Kylo Ren costume which consists of the robe, the belt, the black pant, the hooded cape, the face mask and rough tough boots. There is one more thing left in this look which is Ren’s signature red three bladed shinning lightsaber which is necessary in this look. This costume is easy to found and inexpensive as it only demands for a lightsaber or a mask to buy. Rest all things can easily accessed from your wardrobe.

This look is incomplete if you are not carrying that bad boy kind of attitude in your walk and talk. So remember of this thing while getting on this look carries that attitude also.

Star wars Han Solo costume

This Han solo look is the most comfortable and relaxing it only needs Black vest, White long-sleeve shirt, navy pants, Navy and red colored ribbon. If you are still finding it difficult to find this costume then just wear a white shirt and vest combo with a pair of pants and boot tops to get a role. But don’t forget to hold DL-44 heavy blaster pistol which is like a necessity of costume.

Star wars Luke skywalker costume

It’s time to be the strongest jedi of all time in star wars universe. Even though he acts small part in it but after that also he was quoted as bravest jedi by George Lucas. Luke is such a fun character that you would love to dress up in his costume. It is easy to dress up like him by buying an old karate gear that includes tunic, karate belt, and pants and attached boot tops. There is a lightening blue saber also that is a part of this costume.

Star wars Obi-wan Kenobi Costume

Obi-wan Kenobi look is younger version of Luke’s look and its costume also is similar to luke’s costume. This costume also consist tunic, belt, pants with attached boot tops and a lightsaber.


For Girls:

In girls also there are several options to opt for among which we have listed down few best options exclusively for you all:

Star Wars Princess Leia Slave Adult or child Costume

Now put on the sensuous character of star wars in your own way by recreating it from scratch and all it need are metallic colored top and long skirt dress paired with Grecian earrings, choker, sexy gold adult shoes and metal snake armband. We assure you that after wearing this costume you will feel that you have never looked so amazing before that. This is a one costume that you will never give away on any condition.

Star Wars Princess Leia Deluxe Adult Costume

Get look of beautiful princess Leia by wearing her beautiful costume and pay homage to beautiful daughter of Anakin Skywalker and sister of luke. This costume is great for any kind of party be it a school theme party, friend’s birthday party or Halloween party. If it is your birthday then become princess Leia in her costume and get attention from everywhere. This costume needs full length white dress complemented with white colored boots, silver belt and long locks. If you don’t have long beautiful black tresses to make hair bun then prefer a wig.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Adult Costume

If you want to get strong personality like star wars stormtooper then opt for her costume and be a strongest jedi among all star wars icons. This strong powerful costume includes full length black and white jumpsuit with stroomtooper helmet. Pair it with high white colored heels to look sexy, glamorous and hot even in this full length costume. The best part about this costume is that you need to do your hair and when you step into the party everyone will get amazed after looking you into this stunning ensemble. So you are all decked up for this season’s Halloween party in this effortless costume

Star Wars Darth Vader Female Adult Bodysuit costume

Be a darkside of star wars in your Halloween or any other party. This Darth Vader look will make you feel like a greatest and hottest villain of all time in star wars galaxy. In this villain like costume you will feel like a rebellion and this whole costume includes tight-fitting bodysuit of black color with molded armor. You can find these things of costume in your wardrobe also and if you don’t have much time to do shopping then wear black full length jumpsuit with full length black veil. After wearing this costume you everyone else in starwars galaxy will get jealous of you.

Star wars Jyn Erso Deluxe Women’s Adult Costume

This star wars jyn erso costume is very relaxing and comfortable with full sleeves jacket, blue t-shirt and slim feat black leather pant with attached belt.

Star Wars Womens Deluxe Rey Costume

From the star wars the force weakens Rey dress up like hot and sexy fighting star in a cross pattern deluxe top with knee length pant, brown colored belt around waist that adds nice shape to figure. Complete the look of this whole attire with eye catching long wrist cuffs and high boots.

In the costume of rey be a new face of bravery and hardcore star war fighter girl in high sleek pony tail and eye catching attire. This amazing costume matches with the inner strength of Rey costume and gives her a look of powerful woman who can handle every situation all alone.


Star Wars Rey Grand Heritage Adult Costume

Rey grand heritage costume includes a white colored decent top with attached pants, sash, belt, pouch, cuff, boot covers, head decorative piece, eye mask and arm warmers. This dress is very detailing in itself so you don’t need to put any extra efforts after wearing this dress as it will tell everything.

Star Wars Rebels Deluxe Sabine Costume for Adults and Childs

Sabina is a one powerful icon who is a role model for all girls and she always manages to look good while she is making the empire or galaxy look bad. She flaunts herself in way that looks so cool and awesome on her. The best part about Sabina’s role is that she looks feminine and freedom fighter also at a same time without holding any blasters and explosives.

Her costume consists of printed grey colored shinny jumpsuit with attached boot tops, a stylish helmet and rocking short hairs that all makes this costume as a surprising and amazing package.

Star Wars Amidala Jumpsuit Adult and child Costume

Be a princess of the party or any celebration in a look of Amidala who is elegant, brave, outspoken and never afraid of anyone. In amidala costume there is sleek, tight fitted, shiny white jumpsuit accompanied with two silver armbands and boot tops to make that style quotient very high. There is a utility band also in Amidala costume which is use to place toy gun.

This costume is completely see through need pants and also can be used as a body underneath in without any problem. Even though this costume is see through but still it is decently made that it won’t look cheap and every detail of this costume will add an elegance and royalty in your look.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – BB-8 Adult or child Romper Costume

This star war icon is from force awakens saga in which she dressed up in a cute white printed romper and a graceful headpiece. If you also want to have cute and sweet look then this look is suitable for you. You can find this costume in your ordinary wardrobe and the only thing that you have to purchase is a nice band to look elegant and adding a grace in whole look.

Jabba The Hutt Inflatable Adult Costume

After wearing this inflatable hutt costume you will look larger than your presence and it is the one ultimate and perfect attire for crime lords. This costume will suit you if you are thinking of taking revenge from Han solo or have strong desire on Princess Leia. In this costume you have to purchase a full length body suit to cover yourself. This costume includes headpiece, complete body suit with tail and fan.

Star Wars Chewbacca Adult Costume

If you want to dress up like a gaint brown furball or a space alien then get a look of Chewbacca who is completely covered with fur and looks like an alien in star wars universe.

This star war chewbecca costume comes with a full body suit of chocolate brown color with fur all over the suit and a monkey face like mask. It also includes a sling bag in its costume with broad checkered strap.

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