Play Station 4An upcoming video game console that is brought into the market by Sony Computer entertainment is specifically known as Play station 4. This particular video game console will be the success of Play station 3. The manufacturer of the play station has an intention to make the process of playing games easier than that was thought before.

Thus, broader range of developers is also attracted to the same technique. Sony has made changes to satisfy its customers who wish to avail hi-tech variety of entertainment. The unified memory of the gaming console is another reason of its popularity in the market.

Release Date

Today, the youngsters are very keen to know the release date of Play station 4. Information in Sony website provides the countdown of its release date. According to the press release of Feb. 2013, the release date of Play station 4 will be in 4th quarter of 2013.


War among different generations of gaming consoles is continued. But, Play station 4 seems to have found its big gun. There was a press conference organized by Sony, where crowd roared to know the release date of this gaming console. The president proudly said that, the new generation of gaming console has the ability to allow the used games and facility of disc sharing. You don’t have to do online check in for accessing this gaming console. Individual would definitely portray it as a spectacular tool for counter programming. The latest play station will be quite cheap as compared to other variations of gaming consoles as well as video games in the market.


Design of Play station 4 is really very attractive. Major part of the device is colored with matte black and hard angles. The designing will present a wonderful contrast of play station 3 and Xbox 360. The predecessor had slope design but the latest variety is sharper and attractive. It looks as if two separate fused together in asymmetrical order,

Another feature of Play station 4 is its controller. This is having a classic dual shock design with ergonomically curved variation. It is also having a grippy and contoured pattern that allows the user to hold it easily. The device is also associated with dimpled thumb sticks which feel really good under your thumb.

Play station should basically provide proper access to games. You can now get wide variety of games with Play station 4. You will enjoy playing games with this play station as it has wonderful graphics and surprising game access. While playing the game, you will find really comfortable. It is as smooth as 60 frames per second.

War frame is the exclusive variety of games associated to this particular gaming console. The mass effect of sci-fi sword will be really amazing in the game play.


Specification can be defined with each feature of the particular game. The hardware of play station 4 is really interesting. It has 8GB of console memory as well as GDDR5 RAM. If you compare the gaming console with very expensive consumer level PC graphics, Play station 4 will prove to be really superior.

Price for PlayStation 4

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