Promoting Your Culture via Social Media

The more popular social media sites are the ones that you should concentrate on when promoting your personality, culture and persona on various platforms that we all use on a daily basis. Some of these are:-


It has been measured that for every five minutes one walks around the town, sits at home or uses a device in a public place – one of those minutes is spent on Facebook. Yet Facebook is but one of several social media tools used and there are many more that must not be overlooked.

 Promoting Your Culture via Social Media


Twitter is an extremely popular tool for promoting those cultural activities you or your community are going to get up to today. It’s short, sweet and terribly easy to use. If you can type 140 characters (including hashtags) then you should be using this tool today.

Find out what the popular hashtags are by typing the first few letters of your tag and looking to see which terms are popular as they feed in from below. Twitter is a public forum so it should not be used for personal one to one messaging but if promoting your personality, culture and business then it’s definitely THE one to use.

We have talked about Facebook and twitter and these platforms are no-brainer media centres for promoting but what about YouTube?

You Tube:-

You may not be aware but YouTube is viewed by just about everyone. We love to watch videos but not everyone can be bothered to open an account, record their own movies, upload them to the site and promote them accordingly.

YouTube is an excellent way of promoting your brand, personality and culture. And the richer the quality of your video, the more hits it will get and the louder your cultural popularity becomes. But one of the most important things to remember when posting status updates, tweets and video uploads is to be yourself. Remember that if you are doing something that makes you happy and successful, that persona will come across to your hundreds of friends.


Should you post nonsense like, “I’m bored, don’t know what to do with myself today” or “am really peed off!” these statements (and similar) will give the impression to your audience you are unable to fulfil life’s rich moments (every minute is potentially rich by the way), it will tell all and sundry you are a shallow person.

Try posting things like, “looking forward to my half-marathon this afternoon”, “Going to climb Sca Fell hill with an expedition tomorrow, hope to get some great shots!” It will show others the positive, ambitious and cultural side of you.



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