Samsung Galaxy S4The new Samsun Galaxy S4 is the lusted after Android smartphone at this time. It is a smart phone which can be converted into a mobile office from a mobile phone. It has all the features of aphone, camera besides becoming a home theatre, video presentation, music player and also a mini desk top with keyboard, mouse and external storage drive. Samsung has taken to heights after Galaxy 3.

Release Date

The active Android smartphone Galaxy S4 is officially is in the month of July in UK and in US and Sweden in summer. The price is varying from place to place.

Galaxy S4 Active is the newest addition by Samsung. It is a piece designed for users who love outdoor adventures. It has dust and water proof body that can stay in water for over thirty minutes. It has a 5 inch full HD touch screen. The Galaxy S4 has three built in USB ports which enables the connection of the keyboard, mouse and external storage drive to convert it into a mini desk computer.


Whatever be said S4 is the best in using apps day to day, sending e-mails, browsing websites, sending texts, listening to music, and watching video clips.

Reviews show that the handset of galaxy S4 is surprising for its size with the number of features it has. It is also referred as a beautiful phone with superb features like auto brightness and easy to use.


Samsung Galaxy S4 looks very much like the previous S3 but is several steps ahead of it. The new Galaxy S4 hasa white plastic finish which resembles S3 but it has a diamond pattern below the shining surface. It has a smooth touch. Galaxy S4 is light in weight and looks small in size. The sides of the instrument are squared to give it a good grip.

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It is a companion that makes one’s life simpler and full of fun. It helps to bring friends and relatives together. The camera captures the memories and fun moments keeping all close all the time.  It is designed in a way that it has the capacity to monitor health.

The large screen gives a stunning   HD quality viewing. It is surely travel companion for all adventures.


The new Samsung Galaxy S4 the USB port looks well cut out and the rear case well fitted. It has been given more attention to minute details to give it a well finished look. It is a simply a superior piece of engineering as a bigger display fits in a smaller place. It is not possible to get such a big screen in a pocket.

The S4 has just one power button placed in a beautiful design. It is merged in the set and one has to know the exact place to press it. The other buttons are just below it.

The colours on S4 are very little richer in any type of brightness. The display uses 2 colours instead of 3 colours.

Price in India


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