5 Tips to Increase the Security of Your Business Premises

Security is one of the biggest considerations when operating a business. You risk leaving your business vulnerable to attacks and criminals if you don’t take measures to identify and rectify the weak points of your building’s security. Most of all, you may lose more than just your valuables if you can’t be trusted to keep your business safe. That said, here are some tips to increase the security of your business premises.

Conduct Risk Assessment

To solve a problem, you must know it first. Conducting a risk assessment allows you to determine the weak points of business’s security, such as potential entry points for intruders, CCTV blind spots, and worn door sets, to name a few. Risk assessment also takes into account the surroundings of your property and how those can impact your security.

When undertaking this step, talk with the property manager and staff as they are likely to know more about the ins and outs of the property and surroundings than anyone does. Ask for advice on how to improve the safety and security of your place. Keep track of local events and news too to know what’s going on around your business.

Secure the Perimeter

Your business’s security starts from the outside. Keep thieves out by securing the perimeter of your business. Start by installing a fence around your property or adding a collapsible steel door or rolling steel sheet door in the front.

Light can work as a deterrent for criminals. Motion sensor lights can spook burglars and stop them from breaking in. But having a light on during the dark hours can work just as well to discourage anyone from intruding.

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And if you have other security measures installed, don’t be shy about letting the outside world know you have them. Most burglars would rather seek another target than risk the chance of getting caught. 

Reinforce Entry Points

Burglars’ favorite method of entering properties—be it a home or a business—is using force to break a door or a window, but they also pick locks or use a key to gain entry. If you have a good lockpicking set and some skill at using it, then you know how flimsy the security a simple door lock can offer.

That is exactly why reinforcing the security of your doors and windows of your business is an essential step to protect your business. A strong, solid door is harder to kick open than a hollow one. Windows should also be made from sturdy glass.

Most of the time, it’s the door frame that gives in when using force to open a door. Use high-quality steel strike plates, and install deadbolts to reinforce the security of your doors. Don’t forget to install fine-grade locks on your windows too.

Add CCTV Cameras and Alarm Systems

CCTV cameras put off most burglars. That’s a fact. Criminals don’t want to be caught, and CCTV cameras heighten the risk of that. With CCTV, you can get a live feed and monitor your property whenever and wherever.

If anyone tries to break in, you can catch them red-handed and call the cops on them. After a crime happens, CCTV recordings can be valuable evidence in catching perpetrators.

Alarm systems are also incredibly effective at discouraging burglars. According to an infographic by Johnson Controls, about 60 percent of thieves would choose another target if they notice an alarm in a property. The same infographic also reports that 70 percent of burglaries are thwarted due to audible alarms.

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Safeguard Valuable Items

Never leave your valuables out in the open or unsecured. Even with state-of-the-art security in your building, you must ensure that important documents and expensive tools and items are locked in a safe or cabinet. Don’t put your money, jewelry, and gadgets on display and entice anyone with a bad thought to steal them.

Doors inside the building or shop should also have high-quality locks, strike plates, and deadbolts to heighten indoor security. Also, install alarm systems indoors that will warn you if something from the inside tries to break in.

If you have important data in your computer, protect them with a strong password, quality antivirus, and firewall technology.

Before You Go

Security is part and parcel of running a business. Every business owner is responsible for safeguarding their properties, assets, employees, and customers. A business that can’t protect itself won’t win customers’ trust and loyalty. When you invest in your business security, you’re investing in its growth, longevity, and reputation.


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