SEO Hacks To Give Your Rankings A Boost

SEO is the holy grail of every marketer in 2021. Unfortunately, it is not something that happens overnight with little to no effort. The latest statistics suggest that more than 63,000 searches are conducted on Google every second. Meanwhile, over a third of these searches take the user to a website on the first page. That means a person would find the relevant answer to its query on the first page. It shows that the competition is stiff in the online landscape, and every business owner is striving to climb to that top SERPS. But why do businesses need SEO more than before?

In recent times, all businesses have been flocking to digital transformation, increasing SEO and its importance. Simply shifting to online business with a website and social media is not enough to target your audience and generating sales. Your business needs digital marketing strategies to strengthen your online presence to help the customers discover your business. All of this is possible with an efficient and unique SEO strategy. SEO aims at increasing the quality and quantity of the content on your website to increase its engagement online.

With the billions of searches occurring on the search engines, your business might need to focus on how searchers can discover your business’s products and services. SEO allows businesses to discover the keywords/queries that their audiences are searching online. With these, businesses can create and optimize the content to target this audience and convert them into customers. But that is not enough to stand out in the ever-rising competition of the digital landscape, and marketers have to go beyond content optimization. With that said, let’s discuss some SEO hacks to give your website’s rankings a boost.


Link building is still the most effective off page SEO technique that can push your website rankings on SERPs. Most people follow a myth that backlinking is dead and does not suffice for SEO in 2021. But on the contrary, Google focuses on giving the vote of confidence through the backlinks to give the rank position to the most relevant and contextual information. It is essential to build quality backlinks to make the most out of the off-page SEO strategy and achieve higher rankings. The link building indeed takes some time and struggle to acquire backlinks. One of the best approaches to create passive and unlimited backlinks is by creating original research or study. All you need to do is pick a subject and start your research on forums, surveys, and polls. Putting this research together in the form of content will build a resource that everyone wants to link. This way, you can make a one-time effort to acquire quality backlinks for the long run.


Voice search is taking the world by storm with the new age of SEO practices. Your business can also leverage the voice search keywords to gain a competitive edge over the competitors and outrank them on the search engine. With over 55% of the users already relying on voice search, optimizing the content with questions remains crucial for rankings. Since most voice searches involve the question, you might need to start targeting the long-tail question-based keywords for your content. All you need to do is perform keyword research to discover the lucrative keywords that the audience can search with voice search features.


Not just the content but optimizing the images can also boost your website’s rankings. The wisdom behind the images is that Google determines the content relevancy itself. Since the users can also lookup images’ content, Google encourages the websites to optimize their images. For that instance, you can use alt tags to make your images more discoverable on Google for search queries. It will not only boost your content relevancy, but the visitors can also land on your website to consume the available content.

Make sure to reduce the size of the images on your website to ensure faster reloading speeds. Large and bulky images can reduce your overall site speed, leading to an increase in page bounce rate. The higher bounce rate can result in decreasing your efforts for site rankings.


One of the most prominent yet always neglected strategies for SEO is writing the titles and meta description. Increasing the website traffic and rankings goes hand in hand. That means even if your website is ranking higher, it is of no use if you are not gaining any click-through rates. This is where you need to optimize your titles and meta descriptions to gain clicks and generate traffic to your website. Writing compelling and engaging titles can encourage users to click on your website’s search results. Meanwhile, the meta-description can give a small snippet or summary of information to address what visitors can expect while landing on the page.


Not just the content, but you can also engage the audience by creating appealing infographics on your website. They are a great way to gain a ranking boost since most searchers prefer graphical data over text. Not only can they cram a lot of information into a blog, but they also retain the visitors to your website. Professionals recommend picking up a trending topic in the digital market and creating it 10x better with the visual content. This way, you can achieve a higher number of search traffic, leading to higher rankings signals from Google.


Most businesses neglect the use of social media for their website. Meanwhile, social media can assist in increasing quality traffic to your website. However, social media likes and followers do not have a direct impact on your rankings. But the incoming traffic and retaining visitors add the ranking signals that can shift your website to higher search results. Make sure to publish relevant and engaging content for your social media audience to keep them around your website.

Final Words

Some countless different practices and strategies can extend your website reach with higher rankings in the SERPs. These strategies are indeed intimidating and complex. But starting from small is the key to secure a position in the rankings of Google.


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