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It’s no longer a secret that the presence of social networks is now essential for any company that wants to develop a digital strategy worthy of the name. We hear at ill-will of Community Management, thinking that this is the key this digital business strategy. It must be before to ensure your presence on social networks and interact with your community, think about how will be built this presence and this community.

community Building

What had the Community Building?

Create profiles on social networks are good. But when we know why we do it, and above all how to do it intelligently, is better! This is where the Community Building. Don’t forget to read How to use Twitter properly for Business

The purpose of the Community Building, or “community building” is to create a positive feeling among your fans, a unique feeling of belonging to your company and its values. This goes well beyond a simple presence on social networks.

Who are the Community Builder? What are their responsibilities?

The Community Builder business, or “community builder” is not learned. The Community Builder as we know them today is above all strong personalities, influential in their field, who will appreciate and make the best of your community-building mission.

They are primarily there to create a strong link between you, your company, the values you want to convey and people who follow you on social networks. The aim is to create unity and a sense of deep belonging to the community among your followers.

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The Community Builder are communication experts who understand and integrate perfectly sociology concepts and behaviors in groups.

What differences are there between the Community Builder and Community Manager?

community builder qualities
community builder qualities

For non-communicating, it is not necessarily easy to distinguish between the tasks of the Community Builder and those of the Community Manager. The key distinctions:

The Community Builder is a decision maker

The Community Builder involved in the development of the digital strategy of the company in collaboration with the entire team of decision makers. It also defines the segmentation of the target audience and participates in the development of editorial schedules. This will allow the company to ensure consistency in the content that it will publish on social networks.

The Community Manager is running

The Community Manager he will be there only to implement the strategy and execute editorial plans defined beforehand. It follows the directives of his superiors. The work of the Community Manager is primary to ensure the presence of a brand or a company.

The Community Builder detects influencers

The Community Builder is to identify key influencers members or in the field of business. He is there to “recruit” these key members and involve them in the company’s strategy. This is an important step in the development strategy of the presence on various social networks. This will allow your company to ensure the rapid growth of your community.

qualities of quality managers
qualities of quality managers

The Community Manager drives and moderates the community

The main work of the Community Manager resides in the daily animation and moderation of communities. It acts as a real link between the company and the followers. Its main mission is to connect people to each other, to make them adhere to the company’s values. It must, of course, keep in sight that the purpose of this presence is to ensure the good reputation of the brand.

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The Community Manager provides activity reports

It is the Community Manager to provide a detailed report on the company’s activity on social networks. It must provide visits figures, print, and interaction on various social networks. It is also important to analyze the community’s receptiveness on actions that are carried on the networks.

The Community Builder analyzes the activity reports

All these indicators put together by the Community Manager, enable decision makers, of which the Community Builder, to see if the actions taken have achieved the objectives set out beforehand. Otherwise, the Community Builder will adjust its actions to lead the company to its objectives.

Why use a Community Builder for your business?

Now that the distinction between Community Manager and Community Builder is clearer. Here are the top 3 reasons to use a Community Builder:

  • The work of the Community Builder comes ahead of any presence on social networks. The “community builder” is to establish the plans of your presence on social networks. It acts as a real spearhead of the actions you will take on different networks.
  • With valuable tips Community Builder, you can ensure uniformity in the proposed content and interactions with members of your community.
  • The Community Builder is also important in the growth results analysis to stage your presence on social networks. He will be there, if necessary, to adjust the action plans that will help you achieve your goals.

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