What is the standard form and how to calculate it properly

The standard form is the best way of writing down a very large number as 104=10000.

Also, 3 x103=3000.

Such that, 3000 can be written as 3 x 103.

By using this method, you can quickly write a very large number into its standard form without any hurdle.

On the other side, you can also write small numbers into the standard form as well.

Also, being positive in the above example can occur in the negative index for specific values.

The basic rule of writing a stand form explains that first write down the number between 1 and 10.

After that, simply write down the number as “x10” (i.e. the power of the number).

Example of the large Standard Form

The standard form of 72 900 000 000 000 is:

7.29 x 1013.

The standard of a number 0.000 002 4 is:

2.4 x 10-6.

Standard Form Conversion

The basic purpose of the standard form is to minimize the difficulty in reading a very large or very small number just within a few seconds.

The standard form of any given number between 1 and 10 will be multiplied by the power of 10.

For example, 1.4 x 103

The standard form can be converted into the mention below types:

  • Real Numbers
  • Scientific Notation
  • E-Notation
  • Engineering Notation

Manipulation in the Standard Form

The manipulation in standard form can be easily explained through the following example:

Let’s suppose a number ‘A’ written in the standard form as; 7 x 105

And the standard form of the number ‘B’ is; 3 x 10-2

To calculate A x B, simply multiply the first two bits of the mentioned number together and the other two second bits together as:

7 x 3 x 105 x 10-2 = 21 x 103.

The standard form of the two manipulated numbers is:

“A x B” = 21 x 103.

How to Calculate Standard Properly?

The standard form can be calculated by the mentioned below two methods:

  • Calculate it Manually
  • Calculate it by using Online Calculators

How to calculate standard form manually?

To calculate S.F manually by adding or subtracting methods, simply follow the mentioned blow steps:

  1. Quickly convert the given numbers from standard form into the simple numbers
  2. Complete the Manual Calculation Process
  3. Simply convert the answer back into the S.F

For example, Calculate (3.5 x 103) + (3.35 x 105)

= (3.5 x 10000) + (3.35 x 1000000)

= 35,000 + 3,350,000

= 3,385,000

= 3.385 x 106.

Also, while performing the multiplication process, follow the below steps:

  • Multiply the first numbers
  • Use the Laws of Indices to the powers of 10

Let’s take an example:

Suppose two different numbers as;

P = 3 x 102

Q = 5 x 105

To multiply these two numbers as P x Q

(3 x 102) * (5 x 105)

Quickly multiple the first numbers as 3 x 5 = 15.

Then apply the index law on the powers of 10 as:

  • 102 * 105 = 102+5 = 107
  • (3 x 102) * (5 x 105) = 15 x 107.


How to calculate standard form by using online calculators?

Another quick way to calculate the standard form is the usage of multiple online calculators.

These online calculators have some excellent features to convert the standard form of a number into real numbers, scientific notation, and E-Notation.

The standard notation is the basic way of writing normal numbers.

And to convert numbers to standard notation, users can use standard notation calculator.

The calculator has some incredible features that can help you to convert the numbers just within a single click.

Simply put the values in the calculator and calculate the numbers within a few seconds.

Final Words

The standard form is widely used to minimize the reading difficulty of very large numbers.

Also, the standard form can be calculated manually or by using online calculators.

By using an online calculator, you can save a huge amount of time and effort.

The online S.F converts numbers into other forms just within a single click.


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