industrial-pump-question-and-answres Customer relationship management is the crux of the business. It only makes sense for the businesses to invest in state-of-the-art technologies to make the customer relationship management system work in a more effective way. Here is a look at a few technologies in the market that help in effective CRM.


VoIP – Voice over IP is one of the most used technologies in CRM today. This is very cheap and very effective and helps to connect with customers across various locations. This is an effective tool because a business owner can connect their customers right at the comfort of their homes. This technology has completely taken over the traditional marketing methods, as it helps in attracting a large number of customers.

Web services and Service Oriented Architecture – The main concept of this service is the flexibility it offers to businesses to connect with more customers, thereby gaining more revenue for the business. This feature can help to embed many applications of both the vendors and the third parties to result in an effective customer relationship management system.

Speech Applications – These applications give a personal touch to the businesses as they can connect with their customers in different locations over the call and get to know their needs and requirements. VoiceXML is one example of speech application software that is being used commonly in CRM technologies today to attract more customers and eventually more revenue into the business.

Outsourced Application Delivery – One should opt for this application, if one’s objective is to let the customer relationship management system penetrate even into the territories of the end users. Businesses should opt for this service if they require quicker application of their customer relationship management techniques across all branches and all customers.

Social Networking – This is one of the techniques spreading like wildfire because almost the entire world is active on social networking sites today. Marketing about a business on social networking sites helps the business to get maximum attention and more viewers get attracted to the business model.

Wireless Connectivity and Applications – With today’s advent of technology, all the businesses are well-connected on their mobiles. Wireless applications are the solution to always remain connected with customers. These are great models for addressing customers’ redresses immediately and for giving a sense of importance to customers. This customer relationship management technique is one of the most popular ones among all other techniques.

Presence Technologies – Location tracking technologies like RFID, POS etc. go a long way in tracing customers and addressing them through personalized messages or emails depending on where they are located. This helps the businesses to go the extra mile in catering to the needs of their customers and thereby helps in developing a healthy and cordial business relationship between both the parties.

Embedded Analytics and Business Intelligence – This is the technique that is formed after extensive research and helps the businesses deliver quality services to the customers, thereby increasing the customer satisfaction to a great extent.

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