The e-commerce sites in France in the form and you are yourself asking you if there is not the time for your company to create an online sales platform.

However, creating an e-commerce site is not decided on a whim. We must be aware of some issues, particularly those relating to SEO. A good SEO will help you grow your online store and gain popularity face your competitors. So we will explain why we should accord importance to SEO when you launch you into an e-commerce site.

The different ways to optimize their e-commerce site


Before creating your site, you have to properly prepare your strategy in terms of SEO.

You must first find a modern and efficient web host. The online web host 1 & 1 offers such a simple way to create an e-commerce site with a configuration wizard or the rapid launch of products sale. This is not the only e-commerce solution “all in one”, several players share the market, you just do a search on Google.

Remember to treat the content that will be present on your site. For that your content is relevant, you can insert effective keywords you have sought upstream via tools such as Google AdWords. This keyword research will let you know what customers are looking for on search engines like Google to better target.

The content present on your e-commerce site and must be unique and quality for the algorithms of search engines filter out the best information from your platform. These algorithms are regularly updated to improve the indexing of websites is the case of Google Panda for example.

How a CRM system can help increase traffic to a business

To optimize your site e-commerce in the best way, it is necessary to build the effective internal mesh. The inner mesh is simply managing internal links placed in the content and refers to different pages of your site. This system allows you to connect your views less easily to better popularize your platform.

The importance of social networks to gain popularity


Social networks have an important role in SEO. They will help you popularize your e-commerce site and retain a certain clientele since you’ll talk to you on platforms like Facebook or Twitter. And even if these social networks will not have a direct effect on the positioning of your e-commerce site on Google, it noted the positive effects of publications.

This article also explains the positive impact of social networks for SEO on Google in particular on improving traffic and popularity through virality. The article also said that an SEO campaign coupled with SMO campaign would be the key to success, one working fine with each other.

When you launch you into an e-commerce site, it is then necessary to know Facebook or Twitter and publish interesting content at the right time. It has been proven that for example the best time to publish on Facebook would fall on weekdays between 9am and 19h. But in the end, everything depends on the audience you touch.

You can also hold competitions or announce promotions to create an interactive community loyalty. You also have the ability to create a blog that will allow you to generate different content from that present in your online store.

A Simple Guide to SEO

Generate traffic with better visibility


The importance of a good SEO strategy associated with a communication strategy on social networks like us you were explaining earlier is revealed in the acquisition of traffic. In fact, you can own the world’s most beautiful site, does not mean you will achieve sales if no traffic arrives at your site.

Taking a look at this article which refers the different levels of acquisition, one can quickly understand the importance of the SEO strategy of a company and its communication on social networks. If other levels such as advertising may prove interesting, the costs incurred will be very important in the long term and a strategy focused only on the lever will not be viable.

In return, a good SEO strategy will be based on several since the levers include content marketing, a business blog, a communication strategy and technical optimization of the website. It, therefore, `results that will remain in the long term and bring qualified traffic.

Patience: the key to good SEO


Do not think that SEO is a quick strategy and temporary work to get good results, it’s quite the opposite!

A good SEO strategy is a substantive work that will ask you to constantly ensure your positioning and the various keywords on which you will position yourself.

In addition, you will also develop a business intelligence for the various developments algorithms to always respect the rules and identify new opportunities.

But the most important e is to always remember that your efforts will bear fruit if you put up a good strategy early on and produce interesting content that will create the shares as well as many links to your website.

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