Top ten Habits of Wealth

Top ten Habits of WealthToday it’s not a secret any longer that being rich is the state of mind. Rich people are not all thieves and didn’t get their fortune in one day. And, of course, there’s something in common for them – theway of thinking, habits, attitude to the surrounding and to others…

They all have everyday habits or actions that make them more productive, healthier and more aware financially. I do not state that once you develop the habits of the rich, you will become a millionaire. But what I know for sure, is that you will become more financially educated and caring for your time and your future! Did you know that:
1. Being healthy is very close to being wealthy. The most of the rich people – about 70% of them –take real care of their health. They count calories, don’t eat fast food, exercise and keep fit. They do realize that the body is their main asset, and the healthier they are, the more money they can earn!
2. They always manage their time. To be rich means to be highly organized. When you don’t do any day planning, you’re most likely to spend your free time watching TV or chatting via Facebook. Meanwhile, the rich take out their planners and write down all their tasks, goals, and cross out the completed ones. And it works for them.
3. One more for setting the goals: the rich often have a purpose in life, they know what they want and how to achieve it. They don’t just daydream, they go and get it. Most of the poor, in contrary, are not sure about what they want to do in their lives.
4. Rich people read more. The books are the key to being more educated and informed – and richer in the future. The time that not rich guys spend watching TV or surfing the web, rich ones devote to reading or listening to audio books, and it pays itself.
5. They are early risers. The lion’s share of rich and successful get up with the sun. The reason is simple: it’s a natural life rhythm, and those who follow it are healthier and more productive.
6. They realize that the wealth is a result of everyday effort. Over 80% of the wealthy know and believe that the big money are earned, not fallen from the sky. While the most of the poor people have a dream to get rich in one day, for instance, to win the lottery or get the first million in the casino. Did you ever notice that the rich don’t spend evenings raffling?
7. Rich people have no time for gossip and hollow talks. At first, they appreciate their time. And at second, they are so busy with making their own life successful, that gossips about celerities or boss don’t make any sense for them.
8. They count their money. The poor often tend to spend money spontaneous, while the rich write down the income and the plan for spending it. Managing your money wisely is the first way to financial success.

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